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\li \l{Preparing Nexus 7}{Nexus 7 (2012) (embedded Android)}
\li \l{Preparing Sabre Lite i.MX 6}{Sabre Lite i.MX 6 (embedded Android and Linux)}
- \li \l{Preparing BeagleBoard-xM}{BeagleBoard-xM (embedded Android and Linux)}
+ \li \l{Preparing BeagleBoard-xM}{BeagleBoard-xM (embedded Linux)}
\li \l{Preparing Raspberry Pi}{Raspberry Pi Model B (embedded Linux)}
\li \l{Building and Running an Example}
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\li \l{Nexus 7 (2012) (embedded Android)}
\li \l{Sabre Lite i.MX 6 (embedded Android and Linux)}
- \li \l{BeagleBoard-xM (embedded Android and Linux)}
+ \li \l{BeagleBoard-xM (embedded Linux)}
\li \l{Raspberry Pi Model B (embedded Linux)}
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- \target BeagleBoard-xM (embedded Android and Linux)
+ \target BeagleBoard-xM (embedded Linux)
\page qtee-preparing-hardware-beagleboard.html
\title Preparing BeagleBoard-xM
\previouspage qtee-installation-guide.html
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\note It is important that you repeat the steps in this section after you
update \SDK.
- The images containing \B2Q stack for BeagleBoard-xM are included in \SDK,
+ The image containing \B2Q stack for BeagleBoard-xM are included in \SDK,
ready to be copied to an SD card.
\section1 Preparing an SD Card
- For \B2QA, an SD card of at least 2 GB capacity is needed. For \B2QL,
- a card of at least 512 MB capacity is sufficient.
+ An SD card of at least 512 MB capacity is needed.
\include detect-sd-card-device-name.qdocinc instructions
\section1 Installing the \B2Q Image
- The commands used in this step vary depending on whether you are developing
- for embedded Android or embedded Linux.
To write the image to the SD card:
- \list
- \li \b{\B2QA}
- \code
- sudo dd if=Boot2Qt-2.x/beagleboard-eAndroid/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/<device_name> bs=1M
- \endcode
- \li \b{\B2QL}
- \code
- sudo Boot2Qt-2.x/beagleboard-eLinux/images/ /dev/<device_name>
- \endcode
- \endlist
+ \code
+ sudo Boot2Qt-2.x/beagleboard-eLinux/images/ /dev/<device_name>
+ \endcode
After the image has been deployed, power on the device and check that
the \B2Q welcome screen and/or demo appear.