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\b{New Features}:
- \li Technical Preview of Windows development host support
+ \li \B2Q stack was updated to use Qt 5.6.0.
+ \li The entire stack is now built with Yocto tooling,
+ using the \e meta-qt5 layer for the Qt modules.
+ \li \B2Q build scripts are no longer available for
+ building custom images.
+ \li \l {Qt Charts} was updated to version 2.1.0.
+ \li \l {Qt Data Visualization} was updated to version 1.2.2.
+ \li \l {Qt Quick Compiler} was updated to version 4.0.0.
+ \li \l {Qt Virtual Keyboard} was updated to version 2.0.0.
+ \li \l {Qt Quick 2D Renderer} was updated to version 5.6.0.
+ \li Added Windows development host support as Technical Preview.
+ \endlist
+ \b{Improvements}:
+ \list
+ \li Moved to use Yocto 1.8 (Fido).
+ \li Enabled touch screen support (RPi-FT5406 driver) in the Raspberry
+ Pi 2 image.
+ \li Improved \e {About Qt for Device Creation} demo.
+ \li Added a new demo, \e {Web Browser}, demonstrating the use of
+ Qt WebEngine with Qt Quick.
+ \li New style and improved visuals for the demo launcher.
+ \li Toradex Colibri VF: Included \e mqxboot utility in the prebuilt
+ images, enabling the bootup process of the secondary Cortex-M4
+ core from user-space.
+ \li Toradex BSP was updated to V2.5Beta3_20151215.
+ \li Enabled High-DPI support for the emulator.
+ \endlist
+ \b{Fixed Bugs}:
+ \list
+ \li Nitrogen6X: Fixed performance issues for Qt WebEngine video playback.
+ \li Fixed \e {can't find linker symbol for virtual table} warnings when
+ debugging Qt Quick applications.
\section1 Boot to Qt 5.5.1
\li Release date: Sep 24, 2015
+ \li Supported until: Mar 16, 2018
\b{New Features}: