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+** Copyright (C) 2016 The Qt Company Ltd.
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+** This file is part of Qt for Device Creation.
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+ \page qtee-preparing-hardware-nuc.html
+ \title Intel NUC
+ \previouspage qtee-installation-guide.html
+ Take the following steps when preparing an
+ \l {}{Intel NUC}
+ for \B2Q:
+ \note It is important that you repeat the steps in this section after you
+ update \SDK.
+ The images containing the \B2Q stack for the device are included
+ in \SDK. In these instructions, we prepare a USB device (a flash drive
+ or an external USB hard drive) to boot from.
+ \section1 Preparing a USB Boot Device
+ For \B2Q, a USB drive of at least 2 GB capacity is needed.
+ \include detect-sd-card-device-name.qdocinc instructions-usbdevice
+ \section1 Installing the \B2Q Image
+ \include common.qdocinc wizard
+ Install the \B2Q image onto the USB device. First, ensure that no
+ partitions are mounted:
+ \include detect-sd-card-device-name.qdocinc unmount
+ Then, use the following command to install the image:
+ \badcode
+ sudo dd bs=4k if=5.7/Automotive/intel-corei7-64/images/b2qt-embedded-qt5-image-intel-corei7-64.img of=/dev/<device_name>
+ \endcode
+ After the installation is complete, connect the USB drive to the device,
+ power it on, and enter the BIOS setup (\b F2). Follow the instructions on
+ \l {}
+ {Operating System Installation for IntelĀ® NUC} for how to select the
+ USB drive as a boot device.
+ Press \b F10 to save your changes and exit BIOS setup. After reboot, check that the
+ \B2Q welcome screen and/or demo appear.
+ \section1 Setting up USB Access
+ \include b2qt-post-install-setup.qdocinc setting up usb access
+ \section1 Configuring a Device Kit in Qt Creator
+ \include b2qt-post-install-setup.qdocinc configuring device kit linux
+ You are now ready to start developing for your device. For more information,
+ see \l{Building and Running an Example}.