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\section1 \B2Q 4.0.0
- \li Release date: Dec 09, 2014
+ \li Release date: Dec 10, 2014
\section2 Changes
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\li \l {Qt Quick Enterprise Controls} was updated to version 1.3.
\li \l {Qt Quick Compiler} was updated to version 2.0.
\li \l {Qt Data Visualization} was updated to version 1.2
+ \li \l {Qt Virtual Keyboard} was updated to version 1.2.1
+ \li \l {B2Qt.Wifi Module} was updated to version 1.0 with a new C++ API
+ \li \l {B2Qt.Utils Module} was updated to version 1.0 (previously DroidUtils module)
\li Added support for devices without OpenGL capabilities
with \l {Qt Quick 2D Renderer}
\li New reference devices:
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\li Updated Qt Multimedia plugin on embedded Android
- \li Graduated Wifi module to B2Qt.Wifi 1.0 and C++ API
- \li Refactored DroidUtils module to B2Qt.Utils 1.0
\li Added cape support for BeagleBone Black
\li Added \B2Q Flashing Wizard, a GUI application for easy device setup
\li Improved \e {Build Your Own Stack} scripts to clone only the
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\li eLinux emulator: Added gstreamer plugin required for video playback
\li Fixed updating IP address/hostname of a \B2Q device in Qt Creator settings
- \li Fixed missing/incomplete debugging information on Nexus 7 (2013), for
- both C++ and QML.
+ \li Fixed missing/incomplete debugging information on eAndroid, for both C++ and QML.
\section1 \B2Q 3.2.0