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hardware configurations. \B2Q support is not limited to the devices used
as reference platforms, it can be made to run on a variety of hardware.
+ \section1 Value-Add Components
+ In addition to the \B2Q stack and a comprehensive development environment,
+ \SDK comes with a set of components that bring new features and speed up the
+ creation of high-performing, modern UI embedded applications:
+ \list
+ \li \l {Qt Virtual Keyboard} - complete virtual keyboard solution with
+ word-prediction and multiple languages supported.
+ \li \l {Qt Quick Enterprise Controls} - a set of advanced UI controls
+ with an industry-specific look-and-feel.
+ \li \l {Qt Quick Compiler} - enables compiling .qml source files into
+ application binaries, improving load times and security for code
+ assets.
+ \li \l {Qt Charts} - UI Components for displaying visually pleasing
+ charts, driven by static or dynamic data models.
+ \li \l {Qt Data Visualization} - UI Components for creating stunning
+ 3D data visualizations.
+ \endlist
\section1 About Qt
\l{}{Qt} is a full development framework with tools