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* Doc: Bump version to 5.10.0Mikko Gronoff2017-09-011-1/+1
* Doc: Bump version to 5.9.2Mikko Gronoff2017-08-251-1/+1
* Doc: Bump version to 5.9.1Topi Reinio2017-06-201-1/+1
* Get rid of the missing cmake tests error from qmake with Qt 5.4Laszlo Agocs2014-07-101-0/+1
* Update version numbers of B2Qt utilsaavit2014-02-051-1/+1
* Doc: Add MODULE_VERSION to qmake.confTopi Reinio2013-04-291-0/+1
* Initial commit - Long live the B2Qt utils!aavit2013-02-071-0/+1