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* Fixes to networkSettingsService model handlingKimmo Ollila2016-06-142-3/+52
* Updated iconsKimmo Ollila2016-06-1432-46/+52
* Changed SettingsUI application install path to QT_INSTALL_BINSKimmo Ollila2016-06-071-1/+1
* Fixed WPA supplicant and made it default backend for wifi settings.Kimmo Ollila2016-06-063-9/+12
* Replaced license headers with GPLv3Kimmo Ollila2016-06-0228-508/+346
* Replaced VirtualKeyboard import uriKimmo Ollila2016-06-023-3/+2
* Replaced Device Utilities import uris to QtDeviceUtilities.xKimmo Ollila2016-06-0119-19/+19
* Separated SettingsUI to its own plugin.Kimmo Ollila2016-05-13105-324/+601
* Simplified AnalogClock implementationKimmo Ollila2016-03-164-160/+175
* Change network interface selection button to RadioButtonKimmo Ollila2016-03-161-17/+25
* Migrate VirtualKeyboard 2.0 to settings UI.Kimmo Ollila2016-03-167-4/+256
* Use displaysettings plugin for display settingsKimmo Ollila2016-03-161-9/+9
* Migrate settings UI to use Qt Quick Controls 2Kimmo Ollila2016-03-0226-1519/+1264
* Refactored Qml plugins into modules.Teemu Holappa2016-02-1795-0/+3378