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Remove DDS from image format docs
The plugin has been removed from the build (since 5.8) and is now unmaintained. While keeping the code around for adventurous users makes sense, people who rely on reading the docs should now assume it is gone. Change-Id: I9df73d899e49cc94fb9316effa80778adbda5e6d Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <>
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@@ -52,7 +52,6 @@ libraries. If not found, it may fall back on using a bundled copy (in
\header \li Format \li Description \li Support \li 3rd Party Codec
-\row \li DDS \li Direct Draw Surface \li Read/write \li No
\row \li ICNS \li Apple Icon Image \li Read/write \li No
\row \li JP2 \li Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled, unmaintained)
\row \li MNG \li Multiple-image Network Graphics \li Read \li Yes (bundled, unmaintained)