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Add changes file for 5.5.0 releasev5.5.0-rc1v5.5.0
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+Qt 5.5 introduces many new features and improvements as well as bugfixes
+over the 5.4.x series. For more details, refer to the online documentation
+included in this distribution. The documentation is also available online:
+The Qt version 5.5 series is binary compatible with the 5.4.x series.
+Applications compiled for 5.4 will continue to run with 5.5.
+Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
+corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker:
+Each of these identifiers can be entered in the bug tracker to obtain more
+information about a particular change.
+* General *
+- Read grayscale JPEG 2000 images as grayscale QImages
+- Fix a number of compilation warnings
+- Update bundled libwebp to version 0.4.3
+- Correctly interpret RGBA tiff images as premultiplied
+- Optional application of orientation for TIFF
+- QTBUG-38715: Build webp plugin on Android
+- Correctly read and write Grayscale8 TIFF