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Doc: misc fixesv5.0.0-rc1
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@@ -43,22 +43,5 @@ qhp.qtimageformats.extraFiles = style/style.css \
# Only updtae the name of the project for the next variables.
-qhp.qtimageformats.virtualFolder = qdoc
-qhp.qtimageformats.subprojects = classes
-qhp.qtimageformats.subprojects.classes.title = Classes
-qhp.qtimageformats.subprojects.classes.selectors = class fake:headerfile
-qhp.qtimageformats.subprojects.classes.sortPages = true
-# Do NOT change the variables after this line unless you know what you are doing.
-outputdir = html
-outputformats = HTML
-examples.fileextensions = "*.cpp *.h *.js *.svg *.xml *.ui *.qml"
-examples.imageextensions = "*.png *.jpeg *.jpg *.gif *.mng"
-headers.fileextensions = "*.h *.ch *.h++ *.hh *.hpp *.hxx"
-sources.fileextensions = "*.cpp *.qdoc *.mm *.qml"
+qhp.qtimageformats.virtualFolder = qtimageformats
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@@ -52,12 +52,20 @@ libraries. If not found, it may fall back on using a bundled copy (in
\header \li Format \li Description \li Support \li 3rd party codec
-\row \li MNG \li Multiple-image Network Graphics \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled)
-\row \li TGA \li Truevision Graphics Adapter \li Read/write \li No
+\row \li MNG \li Multiple-image Network Graphics \li Read \li Yes (bundled)
+\row \li TGA \li Truevision Graphics Adapter \li Read \li No
\row \li TIFF \li Tagged Image File Format \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled)
\row \li WBMP \li Wireless Bitmap \li Read/write \li No
+\section2 Deployment
+When built, the Qt Image Formats plugins are located as dynamic
+libraries in the runtime plugin directory (typically \c
+plugins/imageformats), together with the default image format
+plugins. They may be deployed to the target system in the same way as
+other plugins, see the \l{Deploying Plugins} documentation.
\section2 Security considerations
Since these file formats are more rarely used, the codecs may be less
@@ -65,5 +73,4 @@ thoroughly debugged against potential security holes. As always, care
should be taken when creating applications that may be used to decode
uncontrolled data files.
diff --git a/src/imageformats/ b/src/imageformats/
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@@ -1,7 +1,3 @@
-QMAKE_DOCS = $$PWD/doc/qtimageformats.qdocconf
-QMAKE_DOCS_TARGET = qtimageformats
-CONFIG += qt_install_module_docs
+CONFIG += prepare_docs qt_docs_targets
+QMAKE_DOCS = $$PWD/doc/qtimageformats.qdocconf