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* Move QModelingElement and QModelingObject removal to base classesSandro S. Andrade2013-10-131-0/+2
* Simplify metamodel pluginsSandro S. Andrade2013-10-131-1/+1
* Fix bug when reading/writing boolean propertiesSandro S. Andrade2013-10-121-2/+5
* Further refactoring in QtModeling (step 2)Sandro S. Andrade2013-10-101-4/+4
* XMI serialization okSandro S. Andrade2013-10-081-1/+1
* Improve property metadata informationSandro S. Andrade2013-10-071-4/+7
* Fix general bugs in template filesSandro S. Andrade2013-10-041-3/+3
* Fix issues in qobjectclass.cpp template fileSandro S. Andrade2013-10-031-1/+1
* Remove c++11 use in uml examples .pro filesSandro S. Andrade2013-07-192-6/+4
* Fix license issues reported from CISandro S. Andrade2013-04-151-0/+40
* Fix issues in XMI serializationSandro S. Andrade2013-03-091-7/+7
* Add major refactoring for namespace-free model implementationSandro S. Andrade2013-03-081-7/+7
* Provide major refactoring for correct declaration of propertiesSandro S. Andrade2013-03-051-1/+1
* Move QXmiReader/QXmiWriter to QtWrappedObjects moduleSandro S. Andrade2013-01-272-9/+4
* Add major refactoring in QtWrappedObjects/QtWrappedObjectsWidgetsSandro S. Andrade2013-01-271-2/+0
* Change QXmiReader to initialize metamodel on demandSandro S. Andrade2013-01-171-2/+9
* Remove registerMetaType from QWrappedObject and inheriting classesSandro S. Andrade2013-01-121-8/+3
* Initial working implementation of XMI read/write in UML editorSandro S. Andrade2013-01-091-0/+11
* Provide 'meta-model' classes for initializing meta-typesSandro S. Andrade2013-01-092-0/+39