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Add changes file for Qt 5.12.8v5.12.8
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+Qt 5.12.8 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward
+compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 5.12.0 through 5.12.7.
+For more details, refer to the online documentation included in this
+distribution. The documentation is also available online:
+The Qt version 5.12 series is binary compatible with the 5.11.x series.
+Applications compiled for 5.11 will continue to run with 5.12.
+Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
+corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker:
+Each of these identifiers can be entered in the bug tracker to obtain more
+information about a particular change.
+ - This release contains only minor code improvements.
+* Platform Specific Changes *
+- AVFoundation:
+ * [QTBUG-81048] Fixed regression when QCameraViewfinderSettings was not applied
+ until the camera is being started. Now the view finder settings should be applied
+ even if the camera is not active.