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Blackberry: Add a page with platform-specific documentation
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+\page blackberry.html
+\title BlackBerry
+\brief Platform notes for the BlackBerry Platform
+QtMultimedia supports BlackBerry devices that run the BB10 operating system.
+This page covers the availibility of different features on BB10.
+\section1 Implementation
+BB10 ships with a few different multimedia libraries. The main library for audio
+and video playback is \e mmrenderer. For low-latency output of raw audio samples,
+\e libasound, a variant of the Linux ALSA library, is available. Finally, for
+three-dimensional positional audio playback, \e OpenAL is supported and present
+on BB10.
+The QtMultimedia BlackBerry backend uses mmrenderer for media playback.
+For the positional audio classes in the \l {Positional Audio} {QtAudioEngine} QML
+module, OpenAL is used as on all other platforms.
+\section1 Supported Features
+Playback of audio and video with QMediaPlayer and related classes is supported.
+This includes the corresponding QML elements like MediaPlayer and VideoOutput.
+Since the playback is delegated to mmrenderer, the supported formats are the same as in
+mmrenderer. As mmrenderer supports streaming from HTTP and other URLs, this is
+supported in QMediaPlayer as well. Playlists as sources are also supported.
+mmrenderer does not allow access to the pixel data of video frames, hence QtMultimedia
+classes like QVideoFrame and QAbstractVideoSurface will not work since they require access
+to the image data. QVideoWidget and the VideoOutput QML element are implemented with an overlay window;
+mmrenderer creates a seperate window displaying a video and puts that on top of the Qt application.
+As a consequence, no other widget or QML element can be put on top of the video, and QML shaders have
+no effect.
+The \l {Positional Audio} {QtAudioEngine} QML module is fully supported, as it is based on OpenAL which is available
+in BB10.
+\section1 Unsupported Features
+Low-latency output and input of raw audio samples with QAudioOutput, QAudioInput and related classes is
+not yet supported. The SoundEffect QML element and QSoundEffect are based on these classes. In your
+QML file, use the MediaPlayer element instead of the SoundEffect element, as the APIs are nearly identical.
+QMediaPlayer does not support QIODevice-based streaming sources. However, streaming by specifying, for example,
+an HTTP URL as the source does work. In addition, QMediaPlayer does not yet provide metadata like
+the artist and album of the current track.
+Camera, radio and audio and video recording are not yet supported.
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\li \l{Radio Overview}
+ \section2 Platform Notes
+ \list
+ \li \l{BlackBerry}
+ \endlist
\section2 Reference
\li \l{Qt Multimedia QML Types}{QML Types}