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Doc: Fix multiple documentation issuesv5.13.0-beta3
- GstTools has some (internal) documentation, but was causing a number of warnings with QDoc's clang parser - exclude it from the documentation build. - Remove direct links from example documentation to individual example files; they no longer work. - Fix navigation for QML types; The main QML types pages did not list types for QtAudioEngiine. - Use \QtMinorVersion macro to make the documented import versions follow the minor Qt version. - Fix \since usage to be consistent throughout. - Fix linking issues for QML properties/methods - Minor language fixes Change-Id: I735cd13fa6dedd6bf06d6b6ef50ce2e0d69a545b Reviewed-by: VaL Doroshchuk <>
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#include <QtMultimedia/QtMultimedia>
#include <QtMultimediaWidgets/QtMultimediaWidgets>
-#include "../gsttools_headers/qgstutils_p.h"