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+\page qtmultimediawidgets-index.html
+\title Qt Multimedia Widgets
+\brief An essential module which provides multimedia-related widgets.
+Qt Multimedia Widgets provides additional multimedia-related widgets and
+controls. The classes expand the capabilities of the \l{Qt Multimedia} and
+\l{Qt Widgets} modules.
+\section1 Getting Started
+To enable Qt Multimedia Widgets in a project, add this directive into the
+C++ files:
+#include <QtMultimediaWidgets>
+To link against the C++ libraries, add the following to your \c qmake project
+QT += multimediawidgets
+\section1 Related Information
+\section2 Reference
+\li \l{Qt Multimedia Widgets C++ Classes}{C++ Classes}
+\section2 Examples
+\li \l{QML Camera Example}
+\li \l{Camera Example}
+\li \l{Media Player Example}
+\li \l{Video Graphics Item Example}
+\li \l{Video Widget Example}