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AVFoundation: Call stop() on VideoSurface when changing sources
Before we were reusing the active surface when we switched videos. This leads to an inconsitency in states, and the sourceRect property of the video surface does not get updated. Task-number: QTBUG-28655 Change-Id: Ie29bf1d9b1c11b6f51a869253c730202001c07cf Reviewed-by: Yoann Lopes <>
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--- a/src/plugins/avfoundation/mediaplayer/
+++ b/src/plugins/avfoundation/mediaplayer/
@@ -182,6 +182,11 @@ void AVFVideoRendererControl::setLayer(void *playerLayer)
m_playerLayer = playerLayer;
+ //If there is an active surface, make sure it has been stopped so that
+ //we can update it's state with the new content.
+ if (m_surface && m_surface->isActive())
+ m_surface->stop();
//If there is no layer to render, stop scheduling updates
if (m_playerLayer == 0) {