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Properly handle the case where QtWidgets is not available.
It does use a config test for now, just to make it clearer. The Mac backend currently requires widgets, but most of the others should work without it (just not supporting QVideoWidget/WindowControl). The QVideoDeviceControl interface was modified to remove the QIcon usage - it was never implemented. Unfortunately even the QML examples need widgets for the wrapper application, and will need to be ported to QtGui based wrapper. Change-Id: I8a55ad5cf09ab51749510bf16f49de0bd3f0bcdb Reviewed-by: Ling Hu <>
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# Compile tests
%configtests = (
+ # Widgets (to make things easier)
+ "widgets" => {message => "Disabling widget related code. To enable, make sure that QtWidgets exists."},
# Windows tests
"directshow" => {},
"wmsdk" => {},