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+\page platform-notes-windows.html
+\title Qt Multimedia on Windows
+\brief Platform notes for Windows
+This page covers the availability of Qt Multimedia features on Windows.
+\section1 Implementation
+Qt Multimedia features for Windows are implemented in two plugins; one
+using the Microsoft DirectShow API, and another using WMF (Windows Media
+Foundation) framework. DirectShow API was introduced in Windows 98, and
+gradually deprecated from Windows XP onwards. Media Foundation framework
+was introduced in Windows Vista as a replacement for DirectShow and other
+multimedia APIs. Consequently, WMF plugin in Qt is supported only for
+Windows Vista and later versions of the operating system.
+\section1 Limitations
+The WMF plugin in Qt does not currently provide a camera backend. Instead,
+limited support for camera features is provided by the DirectShow
+plugin. Basic features such as displaying a viewfinder and capturing a
+still image are supported, however, majority of camera controls are not
+Video recording is currently not supported. Additionally, the DirectShow
+plugin does not support any low-level video functionality such as
+monitoring video frames being played or recorded using \l QVideoProbe or
+related classes.
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\section2 Platform Notes
\li \l{BlackBerry}
+ \li \l{Qt Multimedia on Windows}{Windows}
\section2 Reference