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@@ -46,31 +46,25 @@ advanced functionality - in this case, C++ code is used to calculate the QML
frame rate. This value is rendered in QML in a semi-transparent item
overlaid on the video content.
-Finally, this application demonstrates the use of different top-level QML
-files to handle different physical screen sizes. On small-screen devices,
-menus are by default hidden, and only appear when summoned by a gesture.
-Large-screen devices show a more traditional layout in which menus are
-displayed around the video content pane.
The following screenshots show shader effects being applied. In each case,
the effect is implemented using a fragment shader.
Here we see an edge detection algorithm being applied to a video clip
-(\l{}{Elephant's Dream from}).
-\image qmlvideofx-video-edgedetection.png
+(\l{}{Sintel from}).
+\image qmlvideofx-video-edgedetection.jpg
This image shows a page curl effect, applied to the same video clip.
-\image qmlvideofx-video-pagecurl.png
+\image qmlvideofx-video-pagecurl.jpg
Here we see a 'glow' effect (edge detection plus colour quantization) being
applied to the camera viewfinder.
-\image qmlvideofx-camera-glow.png
+\image qmlvideofx-camera-glow.jpg
-This image shows a 'lens magnification' effect applied to the viewfinder.
-\image qmlvideofx-camera-magnify.png
+This image shows a 'wobble' effect applied to the viewfinder.
+\image qmlvideofx-camera-wobble.jpg
The application includes many more effects than the ones shown here - look
-for Effect*.qml files in the list above to see the full range.
+for Effect*.qml files in the list of files below to see the full range.
\section1 Application structure
@@ -197,11 +191,8 @@ vertical dividing line, which can be dragged left / right by the user. Finally,
a \l{video/qmlvideofx/qml/qmlvideofx/ParameterPanel.qml}{ParameterPanel} item
renders the sliders corresponding to each effect parameter.
-Here is the source selection menu:
-\image qmlvideofx-source-menu.png
-And here is the effect selection menu:
-\image qmlvideofx-effects-menu.png
+Here is the effect selection menu:
+\image qmlvideofx-effects-menu.jpg
\section1 Calculating and displaying QML painting rate