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+\page platform-notes-gstreamer-on-android.html
+\title Qt Multimedia GStreamer on Android
+\brief Platform notes for GStreamer on Android
+\since 5.14
+This page covers the availability of GStreamer on Android.
+\section1 Limitations
+Since GStreamer is licensed under LGPL and distributed in archives (and should be statically linked),
+Qt Multimedia does not provide support of GStreamer on Android by default.
+Therefore GStreamer support must be explicitly enabled by configuring Qt with the \c -gstreamer option.
+\section1 Setup
+The GStreamer project provides prebuilt binaries which you can download and unzip into any location of your choice.
+The environment variable \c GSTREAMER_ROOT_ANDROID should be set to the location where you unzipped the downloaded package.
+\section1 Application
+Qt Multimedia does not contain any plugins and all needed plugins must be included
+and registered in applications manually by \c GST_PLUGIN_STATIC_DECLARE and \c GST_PLUGIN_STATIC_REGISTER
+after \c gst_init().
+Please refer to the official manual on how to statically link plugins to an application.