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* Merge 5.12 into 5.12.5v5. Wicking2019-08-231-3/+4
| * CameraBinV4LImageProcessing: Show additional info in case of errorsVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-201-3/+4
* | Add changes file for Qt 5.12.5Antti Kokko2019-08-221-0/+35
* GStreamer: Add docs for custom pipelinesVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-146-1/+116
* AVFCameraUtility: fix UB (std::sort with unfit predicate)Marc Mutz2019-08-101-4/+9
* CameraBinV4LImageProcessing: Show warning only if the camera is loadedVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-091-2/+4
* GStreamer: Don't seek to the beginning when playing is requestedVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-081-1/+5
* Fix undefined reference to QVideoSurfacePainter::~QVideoSurfacePainterVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-081-1/+1
* GStreamer: Don't share video surfaces between several pipelinesVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-081-1/+23
* AVFoundation: Re-create CARenderer if current OpenGL context changedAndrew Smolko2019-08-071-0/+7
* GStreamer: Allow audio/x-raw codec in QAudioRecorderVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-071-1/+10
* AVFoundation: Fix memory leak when gl context is changedVaL Doroshchuk2019-08-021-0/+2
* VideoOutput: Update geometry only when the surface is activeVal Doroshchuk2019-07-181-2/+7
* DirectShow: Set QMediaPlayer::NoMedia if empty url is providedVal Doroshchuk2019-07-172-8/+3
* GStreamer: Implement fetching audio/video codecs by containerVaL Doroshchuk2019-07-178-64/+51
* use correct types when creating an empty Windows eventRolf Eike Beer2019-07-162-3/+3
* DirectShow plugin: use new style connect syntaxRolf Eike Beer2019-07-164-15/+15
* DirectShow plugin: use nullptr instead of NULLRolf Eike Beer2019-07-1614-71/+71
* Camera: Update the doc about supported viewfinder settingsVaL Doroshchuk2019-07-161-1/+1
* Fix GCC 9 -Wdeprecated-copy warningsMarc Mutz2019-07-111-0/+1
* Fix GetFrameRateList checks and memory leakNate Weibley2019-07-051-2/+4
* GStreamer: Fix 0.10 compile errorVal Doroshchuk2019-07-051-1/+3
* Fix crash when app is destroyed before QSample::load is finishedVaL Doroshchuk2019-07-051-4/+8
* Fix MinGW buildJoerg Bornemann2019-07-021-0/+4
* DirectShow: Map MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24 to QVideoFrame::Format_BGR24Val Doroshchuk2019-07-021-1/+1
* Bump versionFrederik Gladhorn2019-07-011-1/+1
* Fix compile issue when no opengl in QVideoSurfacePainterVal Doroshchuk2019-06-171-4/+4
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.4' into 5.12"Qt Forward Merge Bot2019-06-172-1/+58
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.4' into 5.12Qt Forward Merge Bot2019-06-172-1/+58
| |\ |/ /
| * Merge "Add changes file for Qt 5.12.4"v5. Kokko2019-05-311-0/+57
| |\
| | * Add changes file for Qt 5.12.4Antti Kokko2019-05-311-0/+57
| * | Merge 5.12 into 5.12.4Frederik Gladhorn2019-05-271-0/+9
| |\ \ | | |/ | |/|
| * | Bump versionFrederik Gladhorn2019-05-231-1/+1
* | | GStreamer: Return busy cameras in QCameraInfo::availableCamerasVaL Doroshchuk2019-06-071-1/+1
* | | Doc: Use correct property name for videoRecorderPaul Wicking2019-06-041-1/+1
* | | AVFoundation: Fix sending proper state in QMediaRecorderVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-101-4/+2
* | | DirectShow: Don't hide returned error when video output was not providedVal Doroshchuk2019-04-111-2/+19
| |/ |/|
* | Gstreamer: Pass GstUDPSrc's caps via "udpsrc.caps=" url's query itemVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-221-0/+9
* GStreamer: Dump dot file if GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_DIR is setVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-201-12/+3
* GStreamer: Fix crash when the bus helper is destroyedVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-211-1/+1
* Only call CoUnitialize() if calling CoInitialize() was necessaryAndy Shaw2019-05-211-2/+3
* DirectShow: Report about an error for wrong urlsVal Doroshchuk2019-05-201-2/+0
* Gstreamer: Allow streams in custom pipelinesVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-152-41/+72
* Use QOpenGLContext::makeCurrent if QGLContext::makeCurrent failedVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-141-8/+17
* Gstreamer: Fix deadlock when state is requested in ASYNC modeVaL Doroshchuk2019-05-141-1/+2
* EVR: Remove setting of start/end times in QVideoFrameVal Doroshchuk2019-05-141-10/+0
* DirectShow: Don't update status on pending tasks when graph is loadedVal Doroshchuk2019-05-141-1/+1
* DirectShow: Don't set the same mediaVal Doroshchuk2019-05-141-0/+3
* Android: Allow starting camera without viewfinder availableVal Doroshchuk2019-05-131-11/+32
* Android: Don't open camera if it was already openedVal Doroshchuk2019-05-131-1/+11