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* add supportedFocusModes and supportedFocusPointModesJochen Seemann2018-02-011-0/+2
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* | adding property CameraFlash::supportedModesJochen Seemann2016-09-091-0/+2
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* | adding property CameraCapture::supportedResolutionsJochen Seemann2016-08-311-0/+4
* Mark CameraImageProcessing's new brightness property with revision 2Alex Blasche2016-04-291-0/+2
* Add new QDeclarativePlayList 5.7 items with new QML revisionAlex Blasche2016-04-291-0/+3
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* | Add video filtering support to VideoOutputLaszlo Agocs2015-02-031-0/+2
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* | Add a color filter property to QCameraImageProcessing.Andrew den Exter2014-11-281-0/+3
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* Add meta-data accessors to the QML Camera type.Andrew den Exter2014-07-071-0/+1
* Make multimedia QML types available for the 5.3 import version.Yoann Lopes2014-06-101-0/+5
* Allow plugins to override the QML VideoOutput type.Andrew den Exter2014-01-201-1/+2
* Fix version availability for VideoOutput's autoOrientation property.Yoann Lopes2013-11-301-1/+1
* Add autoOrientation property to QDeclarativeVideoOutputTobias Koenig2013-03-191-0/+1
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