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* Fix crashes on Linuxwip/qt6Friedemann Kleint2021-05-261-3/+14
* Make QMediaFormat movableVolker Hilsheimer2021-05-121-3/+31
* Support WAV format recordings on macOSDoris Verria2021-05-121-1/+1
* Get rid of QMediaFormat::ModeDoris Verria2021-05-121-5/+3
* Rename canEncode/Decode to isSupported(ConversionMode)Volker Hilsheimer2021-05-071-13/+4
* Fix tst_qmediaencoderLars Knoll2021-04-271-0/+9
* Next steps in consistent class namingLars Knoll2021-03-021-7/+7
* More changes for QMediaFormat handling on the backendLars Knoll2021-02-091-310/+44
* Add support for retrieving a mimetype for a QMediaFormatLars Knoll2021-02-091-23/+49
* Use the new QMediaEncoderSettings in QMediaRecorderLars Knoll2021-02-091-25/+124
* New API for handling media formats and codecsLars Knoll2021-02-091-0/+479