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* Don't ignore debug plugins on Mac when release plugins aren't availableRohan McGovern2011-10-251-5/+26
* We already have a mock backend.Michael Goddard2011-10-2510-1185/+0
* Declare these metatypes.Michael Goddard2011-10-251-0/+6
* Adapt to QtDeclarative api renaming (QSG --> QQuick)Kent Hansen2011-10-242-6/+6
* Fixed compile; QDesktopServices -> QStandardPathsRohan McGovern2011-10-241-2/+2
* Added RDS functionality to the QRadioTuner/QDeclarativeRadioSami Nurmenniemi2011-10-2123-9/+1580
* Limit the sequential bytes skipping to a max 16kB at a time.Michael Goddard2011-10-211-1/+1
* Fixed build problems with QuicktimeJonas Rabbe2011-10-204-5/+5
* Init mediaobject at classBegin rather than componentCompleteLing Hu2011-10-171-7/+9
* Make the C++ API of QSoundEffect public.Michael Goddard2011-10-177-21/+11
* Declarative VideoOutput: added support for more rgb formats.Dmytro Poplavskiy2011-10-145-163/+294
* Copied ALSA config test into QtMultimedia moduleJonas Rabbe2011-10-141-1/+1
* Make sure this library gets installed.Michael Goddard2011-10-141-0/+2
* Multimedia: Compile on Windows.Friedemann Kleint2011-10-1225-58/+60
* Moved general gstreamer helper classes into separate library.Jonas Rabbe2011-10-1234-75/+208
* Rename the parsing error signal to parsingError.Michael Goddard2011-10-113-15/+21
* Fix the wavedecoder a little.Michael Goddard2011-10-112-30/+102
* bail out in case of missing descriptorshawcroft2011-10-101-3/+4
* Improve video test coverage and debugging output.Michael Goddard2011-10-076-114/+137
* Rename QtMultimediaKit to QtMultimedia.Michael Goddard2011-10-07267-2650/+952
* Add a new servicename for background mediaplayerLing Hu2011-09-301-0/+7
* Update background audio element to use new service nameLing Hu2011-09-303-4/+6
* Add QAudioOutput volume API and pulseaudio backend implementation.hawcroft2011-09-286-1/+93
* Fakeradio: emit signal when scanning abortedJonas Rabbe2011-09-271-1/+4
* Gst player backend: don't show the first frame when resuming playback.Dmytro Poplavskiy2011-09-274-3/+55
* Needs widgets module to build.hawcroft2011-09-271-1/+1
* Fix a few QT_BEGIN/END_HEADER pairs.Michael Goddard2011-09-274-2/+12
* Remove QApplication usage - it's in QCoreApplication.Michael Goddard2011-09-261-2/+1
* Move the backend specific documentation into a nicer place.Michael Goddard2011-09-2628-29/+29
* Fix a playback bug for mediaplayer windows media foundation backendLing Hu2011-09-263-5/+14
* Fixed a typo in the WMF backend which caused a compilation failureGareth Stockwell2011-09-261-2/+1
* fix a spelling errorLing Hu2011-09-261-1/+1
* Merge branch 'camera' of ssh:// Goddard2011-09-2616-963/+2322
| * QML Camera element redesign.Dmytro Poplavskiy2011-09-1216-960/+2320
* | Move resource policy usage to a config test.Michael Goddard2011-09-263-9/+6
* | Clean some doc warnings.Michael Goddard2011-09-2211-57/+1
* | Add QT_BEGIN/END_HEADER things, plus QT_MODULE thing.Michael Goddard2011-09-22101-2/+672
* | Remove older QGLContext calls in favour of new QOpenGLContext.Michael Goddard2011-09-222-2/+5
* | Don't re-set default properties in MediaBase::componentCompleteLing Hu2011-09-201-3/+6
* | Camerabin backend: fixed compilation without X11Dmytro Poplavskiy2011-09-171-0/+3
* | Compile with refactorGunnar Sletta2011-09-1724-27/+26
* | Build fix after refactorLasse Holmstedt2011-09-1313-14/+15
* | Silly defs file error.Michael Goddard2011-09-061-1/+1
* | Fix some compiler warnings.Michael Goddard2011-09-0512-15/+32
* | Add background audio element.Ling Hu2011-09-026-5/+244
* | Add QMediaBackgroundPlaybackControl interfaceLing Hu2011-09-025-3/+233
* | Added tune up and down methods, and changed name of scan methods.Jonas Rabbe2011-09-012-6/+22
* | Merge branch 'radio' into 'master'Jonas Rabbe2011-08-3113-3/+1148
|\ \
| * | Added QML API for getting the limits for a specific radio band.Jonas Rabbe2011-08-302-5/+21
| * | Introduction of fake radio backend to enable testing the radio APIsJonas Rabbe2011-08-269-2/+773