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Add a method that allows registration of files to types
There is currently no way in C++ to duplicate the functionality of a qmldir file in mapping QML files to versioned types in a module. This functionality would be useful both in cases where a separate qmldir file would be overkill, and for cases where the type mapping should be generated dynamically. Change-Id: I28d7898122c5556fcd7cf3476795bcf4bb288eab Reviewed-by: Christopher Adams <>
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Returns the QML type id.
+ \fn int qmlRegisterType(const char *url, const char *uri, int versionMajor, int versionMinor, const char *qmlName);
+ \relates QDeclarativeEngine
+ This function registers a type in the QML system with the name \a qmlName, in the library imported from \a uri having the
+ version number composed from \a versionMajor and \a versionMinor. The type is defined by the QML file located at \a url.
+ Normally QML files can be loaded as types directly from other QML files, or using a qmldir file. This function allows
+ registration of files to types from a C++ module, such as when the type mapping needs to be procedurally determined at startup.
+ #include <QtDeclarative> to use this function.
+ Returns non-zero if the registration was sucessful.