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Buttons: defer the execution of the delegates
In practice, deferring the execution of the delegates (until accessed) means that the default delegate item does not get created at all, when a custom control replaces it at construction time. Button { background: Rectangle { ... } } Before, such custom Button would never be faster than the original one, because the default delegate was first created and then thrown away at construction time. Originally, this was not considered a huge problem, because the plan was to keep the default delegates so light- weight that it wouldn't matter. However, then came the fancy styles with shadows and effects and thus, heavier default delegates. There's also a growing demand for more features, and the default delegates are slowly getting heavier... Now, after this patch, if you replace a heavy default delegate with a light and simple custom delegate, the result is a much faster control. For example, replacing Material style Button's background, which has a shadow effect, with a plain Rectangle gives a ~10x boost, because the default background with its heavy shadow effect is not executed at all. At the same time, deferring the execution of the default delegates avoids troubles with asynchronous incubation, because we don't need to destroy an object in the middle of the incubation process. Task-number: QTBUG-50992 Change-Id: I2274bff99b9ff126d3748278d58d859222910c98 Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@qt.io>
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