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Doc: clarify autoRepeat/pressAndHold() behavior
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diff --git a/src/quicktemplates2/qquickabstractbutton.cpp b/src/quicktemplates2/qquickabstractbutton.cpp
index 983f2651..2099f2db 100644
--- a/src/quicktemplates2/qquickabstractbutton.cpp
+++ b/src/quicktemplates2/qquickabstractbutton.cpp
@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
\qmlsignal QtQuick.Controls::AbstractButton::pressAndHold()
This signal is emitted when the button is interactively pressed and held down by the user via touch or mouse.
+ It is not emitted when \l autoRepeat is enabled.
@@ -658,6 +659,9 @@ void QQuickAbstractButton::setAutoExclusive(bool exclusive)
This property holds whether the button repeats \l pressed(), \l released()
and \l clicked() signals while the button is pressed and held down.
+ If this property is set to \c true, the \l pressAndHold() signal will not
+ be emitted.
The default value is \c false.
The initial delay and the repetition interval are defined in milliseconds