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authorSimon Hausmann <simon.hausmann@qt.io>2018-05-03 14:48:56 +0200
committerMitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@qt.io>2018-07-06 07:41:38 +0000
commit0a65246c0264c4c21af196f87df644b8a223dbed (patch)
parent3c93e40a55a022c8fadb3e68a237f9f4871b6a15 (diff)
Fix crash on exit when using a shader and a Popup
3b5143bb67cdaaff6b0eabedff1034e4add7ec87 already fixed a crash with the same stack trace in dev. The same fix works with the referenced bug report. Task-number: QTBUG-66483 Change-Id: I64b8e1b9c34c56100944192989e03b2dc56c8dc1 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <simon.hausmann@qt.io>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/quicktemplates2/qquickoverlay.cpp b/src/quicktemplates2/qquickoverlay.cpp
index f30f6a5e..9651baeb 100644
--- a/src/quicktemplates2/qquickoverlay.cpp
+++ b/src/quicktemplates2/qquickoverlay.cpp
@@ -453,7 +453,7 @@ QQuickOverlay *QQuickOverlay::overlay(QQuickWindow *window)
QQuickItem *content = window->contentItem();
// Do not re-create the overlay if the window is being destroyed
// and thus, its content item no longer has a window associated.
- if (content->window()) {
+ if (content && content->window()) {
overlay = new QQuickOverlay(window->contentItem());
window->setProperty(name, QVariant::fromValue(overlay));