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Doc: fallback style
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\li At least one QML file whose name matches a control (for example,
\c Button.qml) must exist.
- The Default style will be used for any controls that aren't implemented.
\li The files must be in a directory in the filesystem or in the
\l {The Qt Resource System}{resource system}.
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for example.
+ By default, the styling system uses the Default style as a fallback for
+ controls that aren't implemented. To customize or extend any other built-in
+ style, it is possible to specify a different fallback style using \l QQuickStyle.
What this means is that you can implement as many controls as you like for
your custom style, and place them almost anywhere. It also allows users to
create their own styles for your application.
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The value can be either one of the built-in styles, for example \c "Material",
or the path to a custom style such as \c ":/mystyle".
+ \li Specifies a fallback style for \l {Creating a Custom Style}{custom styles}.
+ The value can be one of the built-in styles, for example \c "Material",
+ \row
\li Specifies the location of the \l {Qt Quick Controls 2 configuration file}.
By default, the configuration file is loaded from the application's