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Doc: clarify the feature comparison table
Changing styles at runtime is not possible in QQC2. Add also footnotes that QQC1 may not provide optimal performance on embedded and mobile. Change-Id: Iea691116eacdcf73482ecd52fd1e9c945a788f9a Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@qt.io>
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\li Yes
\li No
- \li Runtime style changes
- \li Yes
- \li Yes
+ \li Runtime style/theme changes
+ \li Yes \sup 1
+ \li Yes \sup 2
\li Can be used on Desktop
\li Yes
- \li Yes \b *
+ \li Yes \sup 3
\li Can be used on Mobile
- \li Yes
+ \li Yes \sup 4
\li Yes
\li Can be used on Embedded
- \li Yes
+ \li Yes \sup 4
\li Yes
\li Internal event handling
@@ -130,7 +130,12 @@
\li C++
- \b {* No hover effects}
+ \list 1
+ \li Not officially supported, but technically possible via private APIs
+ \li Only themes for specific styles can be changed at runtime, styles are fixed
+ \li No hover effects
+ \li Performance may not be optimal
+ \endlist
\section2 Porting Qt Quick Controls Code