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Share Control::focusReason notes with TextArea and TextField
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+This property holds the reason of the last focus change.
+\note This property does not indicate whether the control has \l {Item::activeFocus}
+ {active focus}, but the reason why the control either gained or lost focus.
+\value Qt.MouseFocusReason A mouse action occurred.
+\value Qt.TabFocusReason The Tab key was pressed.
+\value Qt.BacktabFocusReason A Backtab occurred. The input for this may include the Shift or Control keys; e.g. Shift+Tab.
+\value Qt.ActiveWindowFocusReason The window system made this window either active or inactive.
+\value Qt.PopupFocusReason The application opened/closed a pop-up that grabbed/released the keyboard focus.
+\value Qt.ShortcutFocusReason The user typed a label's buddy shortcut
+\value Qt.MenuBarFocusReason The menu bar took focus.
+\value Qt.OtherFocusReason Another reason, usually application-specific.
+\sa Item::activeFocus