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Doc: add RoundButton to the guidelines for buttons
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\b {See also} \l RadioButton
+ \section1 RoundButton Control
+ \l RoundButton is a clickable control that starts an action, or opens or
+ closes a popup. A round button with a square image icon or one-letter font
+ icon is circular. A circular RoundButton takes less space than a normal
+ \l Button, and can also be used as a floating action button.
+ \image qtquickcontrols2-roundbutton.png
+ Recommendations:
+ \list
+ \li Keep labels short and concise.
+ \li If the text is localized, consider the influence of a longer text on the layout.
+ \endlist
+ \b {See also} \l RoundButton
\section1 Switch Control
\image qtquickcontrols2-switch.png