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Register types in C++ (instead of qmldir)
Later on, we can choose to register types from different style-subdirs based on a yet unknown style selector (app manifest file, env var, ...) This is also a step to the right direction to get QML types inherit enums and attached properties from the respective C++ base types. The qmlRegisterType(QUrl) overload for composite types probably needs a template argument to help figure out the missing meta-object link between the composite type and the C++ base type. Change-Id: I9b3c2afdd93fff56d1e7513879b3e9229f483cbf Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@theqtcompany.com>
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module QtQuick.Controls
plugin qtquickcontrols2plugin
classname QtQuickControls2Plugin
-ApplicationWindow 2.0 ApplicationWindow.qml
-BusyIndicator 2.0 BusyIndicator.qml
-Button 2.0 Button.qml
-CheckBox 2.0 CheckBox.qml
-Frame 2.0 Frame.qml
-GroupBox 2.0 GroupBox.qml
-Label 2.0 Label.qml
-PageIndicator 2.0 PageIndicator.qml
-ProgressBar 2.0 ProgressBar.qml
-RadioButton 2.0 RadioButton.qml
-ScrollBar 2.0 ScrollBar.qml
-ScrollIndicator 2.0 ScrollIndicator.qml
-Slider 2.0 Slider.qml
-StackView 2.0 StackView.qml
-Switch 2.0 Switch.qml
-TabBar 2.0 TabBar.qml
-TabButton 2.0 TabButton.qml
-TextArea 2.0 TextArea.qml
-TextField 2.0 TextField.qml
-ToggleButton 2.0 ToggleButton.qml
-ToolBar 2.0 ToolBar.qml
-ToolButton 2.0 ToolButton.qml