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Doc: restructure and fill in Imagine customization section
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The \l {https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/}{WebP} and GIF animated
image formats are supported by the Imagine style.
- \section2 Palette
\section2 Customization
+ \section3 Path
The Imagine style allows customizing the \l {imagine-path-attached-prop}{path}
that is used to do the image asset selection. The path can be specified for any
window or item, and it automatically propagates to children in the same manner as
@@ -2454,23 +2454,40 @@
In addition to specifying the path in QML, it is also possible to specify
- it via an environment variable or in a configuration file. Attributes
- specified in QML take precedence over all other methods.
+ it via an \l {imagine-customization-environment-variable}{environment variable}
+ or in a \l {imagine-customization-configuration-file}{configuration file}.
+ Attributes specified in QML take precedence over all other methods.
- \section3 Configuration File
+ \section4 Configuration File
+ \target imagine-customization-configuration-file
\include qquickimaginestyle.qdocinc conf
See \l {Qt Quick Controls 2 Configuration File} for more details about the
configuration file.
- \section3 Environment Variables
+ \section4 Environment Variables
+ \target imagine-customization-environment-variable
\include qquickimaginestyle.qdocinc env
See \l {Supported Environment Variables in Qt Quick Controls 2} for the full
list of supported environment variables.
+ \section3 Palette
+ The Imagine style supports palette customization via the \l {Control::}{palette}
+ property and the \l {Palette Configuration}{qtquickcontrols2.conf} file.
+ As with other styles, the exact \l {palette QML Basic Type}{palette roles}
+ that the Imagine style uses are style-dependent. However, as most of the visual
+ appearance of controls (for example: backgrounds) are managed through image assets,
+ only the roles that are typically used for text will have an effect.
+ \section3 Font
+ Custom fonts can be set via the \l {Control::}{font} property and the
+ \l {Font Configuration}{configuration} file.
\section2 Dependency
The Imagine style must be separately imported to gain access to the