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Doc: add missing docs for ApplicationWindow::locale
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@@ -637,6 +637,20 @@ void QQuickApplicationWindowPrivate::updateFont(const QFont &f)
emit q->fontChanged();
+ \qmlproperty Locale QtQuick.Controls::ApplicationWindow::locale
+ This property holds the locale of the window.
+ The default locale depends on the system environment. You can set the
+ default locale by calling QLocale::setDefault(), before loading any QML.
+ ApplicationWindow propagates the locale to child controls. If you change
+ the window's locale, that locale propagates to all child controls in the
+ window, overriding the system default locale.
+ \sa Control::locale, {LayoutMirroring}{LayoutMirroring}
QLocale QQuickApplicationWindow::locale() const
Q_D(const QQuickApplicationWindow);