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Doc: fix Control::locale
The documentation body was clearly copied from Control::font. Locale doesn't have mutable properties. Instead, one has to create a locale using Qt.locale(). Change the wording to match that. Change-Id: I637b00808c29c16ee768820be327e3c780cfee64 Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@qt.io>
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@@ -807,14 +807,14 @@ void QQuickControl::resetSpacing()
\qmlproperty Locale QtQuick.Controls::Control::locale
This property holds the locale of the control.
It contains locale specific properties for formatting data and numbers.
Unless a special locale has been set, this is either the parent's locale
or the default locale.
- Control propagates explicit locale properties from parent to children.
- If you change a specific property on a control's locale, that property
- propagates to all of the control's children, overriding any system defaults
- for that property.
+ Control propagates the locale from parent to children. If you change the
+ control's locale, that locale propagates to all of the control's children,
+ overriding the system default locale.
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