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* Rename "Default" style to "Basic"Mitch Curtis2020-09-2499-6732/+0
* Fix fallback styles overwriting themesMitch Curtis2020-09-244-16/+3
* Fix crash when importing a style without first importing ControlsMitch Curtis2020-08-271-0/+3
* Remove unnecessary depends from qmldirsMitch Curtis2020-08-272-3/+0
* Remove all plugins.qmltypes filesMitch Curtis2020-08-261-895/+0
* Fix CMake buildMitch Curtis2020-08-263-0/+660
* Bump import version to 6.0Mitch Curtis2020-08-263-2/+61
* Use qmlRegisterModuleImport() to register stylesMitch Curtis2020-08-261-3/+9
* Convert remaining imperative type registration to declarativeMitch Curtis2020-08-261-3/+3
* List publicly registered QML files in the qmldir for each styleMitch Curtis2020-08-261-0/+69
* Remove all version numbers from QML importsMitch Curtis2020-08-2657-212/+212
* Remove ".2" from TARGETPATH, resource prefixes, etc.Mitch Curtis2020-08-268-9/+9
* Register C++ types declarativelyMitch Curtis2020-08-2615-41/+109
* Move Default style out into its own pluginMitch Curtis2020-08-2694-0/+6778