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* ComboBox: add more padding to the indicatorsJ-P Nurmi2016-11-164-0/+0
* Default: use QQuickColorImageProviderJ-P Nurmi2016-04-2120-0/+0
* Update Default style Dial to match new design specsMitch Curtis2016-04-204-0/+0
* Update Default style ComboBox to match new design specsMitch Curtis2016-04-198-0/+0
* Update Default style CheckBox to match new design specsMitch Curtis2016-03-234-0/+0
* Implement BusyIndicator according to designsMitch Curtis2015-12-163-0/+0
* Run optipng -o7 -strip "all" over default style imagesJ-P Nurmi2015-12-1615-0/+0
* Add ComboBoxJ-P Nurmi2015-12-044-0/+0
* Add high DPI variants of Dial's indicatorMitch Curtis2015-11-274-0/+0
* Implement more of default style designMitch Curtis2015-11-261-0/+0
* Adjust default style to match current specs.Mitch Curtis2015-11-194-0/+0
* Import the Qt Quick Controls 2 prototypeJ-P Nurmi2015-02-053-0/+0