Release note

Qt 5.15.3 release is a patch release made on the top of Qt 5.15.2. As a patch
release, Qt 5.15.3 does not add any new functionality but provides bug fixes
and other improvements.

For detailed information about Qt, see the Qt 5.15 online documentation:

Important Changes


  • 6485b6d45a Fix allocated memory of QByteArray returned by
    Fixes a regression in Qt 5.15 causing the QByteArray returned by
    QIODevice::readLine() to consume large amounts of memory.

  • 5425305597 Update CLDR to v37, adding Nigerian Pidgin as a new
    Updated to new version of CLDR (the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale
    Data Repository) v37. Various Adlam-script locales are dropped due to
    its use of a number system unsupported by 5.15's QLocale. Support for
    these locales shall be restored in Qt 6.

  • f1f650dc3a Deprecate ordering on QItemSelectionRange
    Ordering of QItemSelectionRange is now deprecated. It was not
    consistent with equality and should not be needed.

  • b8518414c3 Deprecate QLocale::Language entries that no locale data
    relates to
    Many obsolete language names are now deprecated in preparation for
    removal at Qt 6.0. No data has been available for any locale using these
    languages since CLDR v29 (at least; Qt now uses v37).

  • 9fbc5f1489 Deprecate old aliases for two countries and several
    Deprecated several Language and Country aliases, ready for removal in
    Qt 6.0, in favor of their newer names.

  • 1a991e1862 Fix delay first time a font is used
    Fixed an issue where on some platforms, there would be a delay the
    first time any font was used, sometimes causing a visible delay in the

  • 5f935eeed4 Update third-party md4c to version 0.4.6
    md4c was updated to 0.4.6.

  • 6d306a0e37 Fix shaping problems on iOS 14 / macOS 11
    Fixed shaping of default UI font on macOS 11 and iOS 14.

  • 720304f703 Be more consistent when converting JSON values from variant
    Restored pre-5.15.0 behavior when converting from numeric QVariant
    values to QJson* types. Such values now always convert to a double

  • bb8522682d Avoid integer overflow and division by zero
    Pen patterns are restrained to a maximum length and values of 1024,
    fixing oss-fuzz issue 25310.

  • c39fd63d71 Return a more useful date-time on parser failure in spring-
    forward gap
    Restored pre-5.15.0 behavior when parsing a date-time from a string
    (and document what it implies): if the string has the right form but
    represents a date-time that was skipped by a time-zone transition (e.g.
    a DST spring-forward), the invalid date-time object returned can, none
    the less, be used to recover a near-by date-time that may be more useful
    in some cases. From 5.15.0 to 5.15.2 and in 6.0.0, a default-constructed
    QDateTime was returned in place of this more informative invalid date-

  • 76671a57b5 Containers: call constructors even for primitive types
    The semantics of Q_PRIMITIVE_TYPE have been slightly changed. Qt now
    value-initializes types marked as primitive (which, by default, include
    trivial types) instead of simply using memset(0), which is wrong in some
    corner cases.

  • f4152d268e QSslSocket::verify: do not alter the default configuration
    QSslSocket::verify - do not change the default configuration

  • cf797c611d PCRE: update to 10.36
    PCRE2 has been updated to version 10.36.

  • be0301b42f QString: fix count(QRegularExpression)
    Fixed a corner case when using QString::count(QRegularExpression),
    causing an empty match in the last position not to be accounted for in the
    returned result.

  • 0ce98b1cf8 Fix qt_alphaVersion and qt_opaqueVersion in the trivial
    Opaque pixmaps on devices with a non-standard opaque format will now
    correctly match format for faster blitting. Same with semitransparent
    pixmaps on devices with a non-standard semitransparent format.

  • 6146f4553b SQLite: Update to 3.34.0
    Updated to 3.34.0

  • 4cec3ecd2d Change QLineF::setLength() to work whenever length() is
    QLineF::setLength() will now set the length if the line's length() is
    non-zero. Previously, it was documented to only set the length if
    isNull() was false; this is a fuzzy check, so isNull() could be true for
    a line with non-zero length().

  • 39c1c54e0c Fix problems with offset-derived ids for QTimeZone
    QTimeZone instances created by offset from UTC (in seconds) shall now
    only include minutes in their ID when the offset is not a whole number
    of hours. They shall also include the seconds in their ID when the
    offset is not a whole number of minutes.

  • 99d3a65cf3 Use design metrics when adding text to QPainterPath
    Fixed an issue where QPainterPath::addText() would get inconsistent
    kerning for smaller font sizes when hinting is enabled.

  • dbaac6e5c1 Remove false Q_UNREACHABLE from shaping code
    Fixed a possible crash with certain fonts when shaping strings
    consisting only of control characters.

  • 6a64b8ed56 Fix crash when requesting A32 glyph on Wayland
    Fixed crash when calling QRawFont::alphaMapForGlyph() with subpixel
    antialiasing on Wayland.


  • e203a185cf doc: explain QQItem event delivery, handlers,
    When subclassing QQuickItem, you should call setAcceptTouchEvents(true)
    if you need the item to receive touch events. It will be required in Qt


  • 6b1dc419 Allow removal of layers and sources created using parameters
    in MapboxGL
    Sources and layers from parameters can be removed


  • a8d35b3c Fix leaked subsurface wayland items
    Fixed a memory leak when creating subsurfaces.

  • adc364c9 Fix memory leak in QWaylandGLContext
    Fixed a memory leak when creating QOpenGLContexts on Wayland and using
    the wayland-egl backend.


  • node.js is now a hard build-time dependency

  • More chrome WebUIs made accessible
    (chrome://tracing, chrome://webrtc-logs, chrome://user-actions)

  • Added support for running in Rosetta2 on ARM macs [QTBUG-86406]

  • Fixed screen sharing on Google Meet by supporting the Chrome hangout
    extension [QTBUG-85731]

  • The Chromium version has been updated to 87.0.4280.144

  • Security fixes from Chromium up to version 88.0.4324.150, including:
  • CVE-2020-16044: Use after free in WebRTC
  • CVE-2021-21118: Insufficient data validation in V8
  • CVE-2021-21119: Use after free in Media
  • CVE-2021-21120: Use after free in WebSQL
  • CVE-2021-21121: Use after free in Omnibox
  • CVE-2021-21122: Use after free in Blink
  • CVE-2021-21123, CVE-2021-21125, CVE-2021-21129,CVE-2021-21130,
    CVE-2021-21131, CVE-2021-21141:
    Insufficient data validation in File System API
  • CVE-2021-21126: Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions
  • CVE-2021-21127: Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions
  • CVE-2021-21128: Heap buffer overflow in Blink
  • CVE-2021-21132: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools
  • CVE-2021-21135: Inappropriate implementation in Performance API
  • CVE-2021-21137: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools
  • CVE-2021-21140: Uninitialized Use in USB
  • CVE-2021-21145: Use after free in Fonts
  • CVE-2021-21146: Use after free in Navigation
  • CVE-2021-21147: Inappropriate implementation in Skia
  • CVE-2021-21148: Heap buffer overflow in V8
  • CVE-2021-21149: Stack overflow in Data Transfer
  • CVE-2021-21150: Use after free in Downloads
  • CVE-2021-21152: Heap buffer overflow in Media
  • CVE-2021-21153: Stack overflow in GPU Process
  • CVE-2021-21156: Heap buffer overflow in V8
  • CVE-2021-21157: Use after free in Web Sockets
  • Security bug 937131
  • Security bug 1097499
  • Security bug 1127774
  • Security bug 1135594
  • Security bug 1144646
  • Security bug 1161654
  • Security bug 1162198
  • Security bug 1171954
  • WebRTC bug 12105

  • ed8fe2b3 Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe build on windows to include
    version resources
    Fix missing version resources in QtWebEngineProcess.exe.

  • 2b6f6ad0 Enable hangout services extension
    Enable hangout services extension and implement its WebRTC desktop
    capture extension API dependency.


  • 5f6133aac Reset the opacity and scale properties after the exit
    After the exit transition is finished, then the opacity and scale
    properties will be reset to their values before the enter transition is



  • QTBUG-87010 lconvert uses huge amounts of RAM
  • QTBUG-87621 Selftest failure with CentOS 8.1 during qtbase tests
  • QTBUG-71737 Font family fallback cache results in startup lag on
  • QTBUG-85090 QLineEdit with PasswordEchoOnEdit removes the first
    entered character after second
  • QTBUG-86733 [Android] NoSuchMethodException when using QtMultimedia
  • QTBUG-82978 Allow "-Wextra-semi-stmt" on Q_UNUSED
  • QTBUG-87706 QPushButton click is not working when Margin is set via
  • QTBUG-67515 MinGW: process fails with wildcards under windows command
    prompt: ASSERT: "allArguments.size() == d->origArgc" in file
    kernel/qcoreapplication.cpp, line 2362
  • QTBUG-84002 Qt detects Unicode command line arguments as question
  • QTBUG-81533 StyleSheet is ignored when changing a QComboBox to be
  • QTBUG-81866 Android, wrong libraries added as ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS for
  • QTBUG-84849 Android application crash
  • QTBUG-87965 [REG 5.15.1 -> 6.0] Crash in QTextDocument().setMarkdown()
  • QTBUG-88125 [REG: 5.12->5.15]Error processing an enumeration type
    containing the include directive
  • QTBUG-88016 click Scence inputMethod does not disAppear when preview
    input chinese while use QGraphicsProxyWidget
  • QTBUG-84643 QMenu crashes when released
  • QTBUG-88185 QMapNode and strict-aliasing
  • QTBUG-60793 Rich Text, html still fail to find high-dpi images
  • QTBUG-87307 processEvents behavior inconsistend with documentation
  • QTBUG-84291 tst_QTimer::zeroTimer fails on Ubuntu 20.04
  • QTBUG-88227 QDirIterator (Windows) should be case insensitive but not
  • QTBUG-82626 Cmd-H Doesn't Hide App When Tooltip Displayed
  • QTBUG-88295 Incorrect configure output when passing -system-pcre
  • QTBUG-88076 Crash on Android 6
  • QTBUG-88247 Memory ordering problem in QBasicMutex::lockInternal()
  • QTBUG-87627 Android java res folder is not copied over on Windows for
  • QTBUG-88431 QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII can break code without warning with
    QCharRef::operator=(*) and char > 127
  • QTBUG-72110 MouseArea stops responding
  • QTBUG-87984 QTransform reports type TxRotate instead of TxShear for
    shear transforms
  • QTBUG-88309 QGraphicsItem crash if click right button of mouse
  • QTBUG-69159 Android: tst_QWindow::initialSize fails
  • QTBUG-69156 Android: tst_QWindow::childWindowPositioning(show) fails
  • QTBUG-69154 Android: tst_QWindow::setVisible fails
  • QTBUG-87014 Qt application gets stuck trying to open main window under
    Big Sur
  • QTBUG-88495 Text rendering: spaces are rendered incorrectly on macOS
    Big Sur after commas, dots.
  • QTBUG-85749 QGradient Preset enum not in documentation
  • QTBUG-86976 Input method widget is closed on destructing a widget
  • QTBUG-88600 SystemTrayIcon icon too big /squashed on second screen
    (Big Sur)
  • QTBUG-88168 QJsonObject::fromVariantMap converts ulonglong variant to
  • QTBUG-88653 QEventLoop::processEvents does not take the timeout into
    account as expected
  • QTBUG-87781 QSortFilterProxyModel does not emit dataChanged when
    calling setSourceModel() after modifying the source model
  • QTBUG-77320 QAccessible::isActive on Android incorrectly returns false
  • QTBUG-85644 defaulted default constructor cannot be constexpr because
    the corresponding implicitly declared default constructor would not be
  • QTBUG-85361 When a dialog has a resize grip handle then it is not
    possible to resize with it
  • QTBUG-86857 QPushButton style "text-align: bottom" not working in Qt
  • QTBUG-88952 Implicit conversion QGuiApplication
  • QTBUG-86850 QSortFilterModel forwards dataChanged() when the source
    model changes data incolumns that the filter model refuses
  • QTBUG-88656 Undefined behavior in QDateTime::fromString
  • QTBUG-87740 tst_networkselftest is still dependent on qt-test-server
  • QTBUG-88435 QXcbConnection::getTimestamp runs in indefinite loop when
    X server shuts down
  • QTBUG-88688 Qt application fails to start on Debian 10 Buster because
    libqxcb.so requires missing libxcb-util.so.1
  • QTBUG-86287 Static 5.15.0 compile results in "undefined reference to
  • QTBUG-88238 [REG] qsslkey autotest has compile error when QT_NO_SSL is
  • QTBUG-85712 WebAssembly: RoundButton has odd behaviour on repeated
  • QTBUG-88417 tst_qnetworkreply authenticationCacheAfterCancel fails on
    Ubuntu 20.04
  • QTBUG-86179 QTranslator::load() search order doesn't follow
    uiLanguages order
  • QTBUG-88825 Undefined behavior in moc
  • QTBUG-88639 QSslConfiguration::setCaCertificates() does not disable
    system certificates
  • QTBUG-89008 tst_QFontDatabase::aliases() failed on openSUSE 15.2
  • QTBUG-89118 style animated scroll bars might freeze(stop animating) if
    we do a heavy paint event
  • QTBUG-88188 Cannot click to select an item in a QTreeWidget
  • QTBUG-88985 Context QMenu without parent blocked by modal dialog on
  • QTBUG-87849 QLineEdit completion in QDialog is not clickable
  • QTBUG-86845 [Reg5.14->5.15.1]Item selection in Custom popup menu in
    QComboBox stopped working in 5.15.1
  • QTBUG-89059 Mac: Missing namespace mangling in corelib/kernel
  • QTBUG-88982 QSplashScreen missing QPainter::SmoothPixmapTransform
  • QTBUG-89281 Android apps don't include QML modules
  • QTBUG-83457 secureupdclient example crashes
  • QTBUG-85683 Windows: "Unable to enumerate family" for fonts with
    lengthy family name
  • QTBUG-85621 Lower color depths don't seem to be handled correctly in
  • QTBUG-89915 MediaPlayPause key incorrectly reported as MediaPlay
  • QTBUG-85846 Top level QTextEdit looses cursor after right mouse click
    to show context menu
  • QTBUG-90246 QImage::scale doesn't work for Format_Grayscale16 images
  • QTBUG-89130 setLibraryPaths keeps the applications directory in path,
    docs should mention it
  • QTBUG-86632 QCombobox text elide doesnot work with fusion style
  • QTBUG-89599 Performance regression in QTextDocument in 5.15
  • QTBUG-20354 Disappearing lines when using a syntax highlighter
  • QTBUG-89812 OpenGLWidget in QDockWidget not painted when flaoting
  • QTBUG-88230 When the display is set to 200% then the icons used for
    the close button in a QTabBar are too small in comparison to the text
  • QTBUG-90354 Failed to build Qt Core on dev on 32 bit system
  • QTBUG-87107 QFontMetricsF::boundingRect handles a null QRectF
    differently when passed in as it does not constrain to the size of it
  • QTBUG-89709 Broken link in QMatrix4x4 docs
  • QTBUG-84575 QCalendar class is not reentrant
  • QTBUG-88815 QDate::FromString breaks when accessed from multiple
    threads using default calendar parameter
  • QTBUG-85692 Race in QTime::toString
  • QTBUG-85791 Vulkan Validation Error VUID-VkSwapchainCreateInfoKHR-
  • QTBUG-90350 Could not close DRM (NV) device (Bad file descriptor).
  • QTBUG-86582 REG 5.13->5.14: Segfault upon close and then show
  • QTBUG-85715 Android: Problem entering IP address with Samsung Number
    and regex validator
  • QTBUG-65229 [Android] Text select handle misplaced on fields inside
  • QTBUG-58503 Text Handle Cursor Position Offset Error
  • QTBUG-89815 [Reg 5.11->5.12.2] Wrong color for placeholder text for
    QLineEdit if disabled in constructor of parent
  • QTBUG-73286 QODBC driver doesn't count decimal point when calculate
    string length for NUMERIC type with QSql::HighPrecision
  • QTBUG-89846 QObject::dumpObjectInfo might segfault
  • QTBUG-74088 Menu Bar Items Disabled When QMainWindow Has Window Modal
    Child and Another Window Made Active
  • QTBUG-79147 Windows: QColorDialog displays at wrong position when
    reshowing after closing via title bar
  • QTBUG-90595 QCombobox placeholderText not visible
  • QTBUG-86898 [REG 5.14->5.15] QTabBar last tab incorrectly styled after
  • QTBUG-89133 Button with focus looks wrong in macOS Big Sur for
  • QTBUG-81452 QPushButton has empty space in layout
  • QTBUG-88715 QComboBox DropDown items are displayed very closed to its
    right edge.
  • QTBUG-81097 When the tab order is explicitly set then Backtabbing
    might not work correctly
  • QTBUG-90716 QGuiApplication::primaryScreen() not returning the correct
    screen if the user changes their main display.
  • QTBUG-89361 QPlatformScreen::logicalDpi crashes with
  • QTBUG-75319 [REG 5.12.1 -> 5.12.2] QApplication::clipboard()->text()
    call blocks execution for ~5 seconds sometimes
  • QTBUG-80298 iOS: edit menu shows while selecting text
  • QTBUG-90332 iOS: edit menu doesn't hide when tapping on screen
  • QTBUG-89172 Integer-overflow in QFixed::fromReal(qreal r) through
  • QTBUG-89910 The default font resolution of a QWidget subclass is
    random w.r.t. QApplication::font
  • QTBUG-39791 QFileDialog::DontConfirmOverwrite option does not work
    when OS X App is sandboxed
  • QTBUG-90628 [REG: 5.14.2->5.15.0]: When resizing a window that is
    translucent and using stylesheets then this can flicker quite a lot when
    the window is resized smaller
  • QTBUG-86960 QDateTime at beginning of DST is created wrongly with
    recent glibc
  • QTBUG-89208 tst_QDateTimeEdit::springForward() failed on openSUSE 15.2
    in CI
  • QTBUG-89547 Comparison of QSslCertificate broken (extensions()
  • QTBUG-89899 Integer-overflow in QFixed::QFixed
  • QTBUG-89184 Unicode key mappings are not working in all Qt based
  • QTBUG-90743 iOS: edit menu and magnifier glass is showing
  • QTBUG-90553 tst_QDateTime::timeZones fails with glibc 2.31 on Clear
  • QTBUG-85556 QProxyStyle will not work properly with another proxy
    style as a baseStyle
  • QTBUG-86518 QSystemTrayIcon menu is not opened on press
  • QTBUG-89569 [REG] Division by 0 in QLineF::setLength()
  • QTBUG-89905 QTimeZone IANA id broken on Android
  • QTBUG-69122 Android: tst_QTimeZone::dataStreamTest fails
  • QTBUG-69132 Android: tst_QTimeZone::transitionEachZone crashes for a
    few cases
  • QTBUG-87435 tst_QTimeZone::createTest fails on Android
  • QTBUG-88610 [Android] JNI crash at QTimeZone::systemTimeZone
  • QTBUG-83056 Stylesheet with pseudo state on QTextBrowser does not work
  • QTBUG-90242 QMenu stylesheet has alignment issue when one item has
  • QTBUG-89578 QLineEdit Cursor show white line when use property of
  • QTBUG-75106 Entries in the QAccessiblePluginsHash should be removed
    when a QQuickWindow is deleted
  • QTBUG-89647 ARM OpenSSL DLLs for Windows are not found due to missing
  • QTBUG-85484 [Reg. 5.14->5.15]Resize Widget inside QTableWidget
  • QTBUG-20900 QPainterPath::addText has incorrect font spacing on
    Windows only
  • QTBUG-86776 QComboBox showPopup doesn't select all columns of an item
  • QTBUG-85547 macOS/Catalina: Modal File Dialog Save-Replace Always
  • QTBUG-89959 Saving a new file fails on Big Sur (11.1)
  • QTBUG-89625 QJsonObject The take function caused an error!!
  • QTBUG-90775 Documentation incorrect for QDateTime
  • QTBUG-90395 FTBFS: qendian.h missing include
  • QTBUG-89155 Assertion violation in text shaping on special string with
    EmojiOneColor font.
  • QTBUG-90860 [iOS] The edit menu doesn't hide when typing on the input
  • QTBUG-84616 Mac Checkbox Accessibility does not returns mixed State
  • QTBUG-85787 [Android] TextField password becomes visible
  • QTBUG-90236 QRawFont::alphaMapForGlyph() shows garbage and eventually
    leads to crash
  • QTBUG-88984 Memory leak in QPSQLDriver when connection is lost before
    the connection could be closed
  • QTBUG-84737 When using Qt NFC to scan NFC tags it will not work when
    the application is first started
  • QTBUG-90801 QMake: if you #include a C file from another C file, the
    original file no make target is created
  • QTBUG-88758 Building vcprojects fails with Qt
  • QTBUG-91033 Multiple extra compilers with same input are broken for VS
  • QTBUG-90963 QDoc manual has overlapping captions with images
  • QTBUG-88198 Documentation needs updates regarding ODBC SQL types
  • QTBUG-88512 Use-after-free in QXcbConnection::initializeScreens()
  • QTBUG-87227 Tooltips are not working
  • QTBUG-91038 tst_QTextLayout::longText failures
  • QTBUG-75630 QPainter drops e.g. lines using small (< 1e-12) user world
  • QTBUG-90937 [iOS] edit menu stays open after changing focus
  • QTBUG-90625 subset of downloads stall and die with connection closed
    on some systems
  • QTVSADDINBUG-819 Qt_INCLUDEPATH_ not defined
  • QTBUG-76902 Widgets and fonts have wrong size after moving to screen
    due to disconnect with different DPI when dpiawareness = 2
  • QTBUG-87601 Incorrect qmake output with 'vc' template
  • QTBUG-84096 FreeType: crash with unicode Variation Selector-16
  • QTBUG-88063 Memory leak in QNetworkAccessManager from
  • QTBUG-85139 QTextDocument::setMarkdown slow on certain input
  • QTCREATORBUG-24674 When the kit is changed to be an Android one then
    it will add an entry for ANDROID_ABIS into the pro file even if it is
    not needed
  • QTBUG-87154 Add static dependencies from 3rdparty in qtbase
  • QTBUG-88633 Generating QDateTime with invalid transition hour is no
    more possible
  • QTBUG-68338 Qt shouldn't create or change the permission of
  • QTBUG-81687 Pasting text on android broken when copied from TextEdit
  • QTBUG-87803
    points to an inaccessible location
  • QTBUG-79611 QAccessible::notifyAccessibilityUpdate not implemented on
  • QTBUG-86785 Qt fails to build from source for single-arch Android
  • QTBUG-41343 tst_qmdiarea fails on Mac OS X
  • QTBUG-90441 Update to 20H2 broke auto test for winrt
  • QTBUG-86368 QQmlContext leak when connecting to and destroying
    dynamically created object
  • QTBUG-85869 Black screen in QtOpenGL apps under Xvnc4 when using Mesa
    with Gallium or XLib drivers
  • QTBUG-90016 tst_QListView::internalDragDropMove(list, model doesn't
    move, replace item) causes fails in CI
  • QTBUG-89354 When the native virtual keyboard shows up, it does not
    shift the Qt Quick Window up in order to show where the cursor is in the
    text input field
  • QTBUG-89896 Example: undoframework. The background is not displayed
  • QTBUG-59879 X selection clipboard (PRIMARY buffer) should be set by
    keyboard selection too
  • QTBUG-85226 Reg->5.15 [Vista Style]QStyle::standardPalette returns
    empty QPalette


  • QTBUG-85713 Inline components trigger assertion with ListElement
  • QTBUG-87464 Inline component state issue
  • QTBUG-85379 Crash when changing enabled state of Button in onPressed
    when using Material style
  • QTBUG-88033 [integrity] static release build fails to register QML
  • QTBUG-87150 QML_FOREIGN needs clearer documentation to indicate that
    it is using the name of the struct or QML_NAMED_ELEMENT
  • QTBUG-87228 When running Valgrind/Leak Sanitizer there are indications
    that there are problems with the property cache
  • QTBUG-88807 direct memory leak in qquicktextinput.cpp
  • QTBUG-88786 Crash when calling hasOwnProperty() on a JS Proxy Object
  • QTBUG-85888 Qml *.qmltypes files are incomplete for android
  • QTBUG-87117 plugins.qmltypes incorrectly generated due to foreign
    types path
  • QTBUG-83599 Signal parameter referenced in a JS closure is undefined
    while QML debugger is attached
  • QTBUG-89173 Adding an object with a null property in a nested object
    in an array crashes QQmlListModel::append
  • QTBUG-87526 QML HorizontalHeaderView does not show up if rowcount in
    Tablemodel is 0
  • QDS-3301 Resetting scale and pivot values for 3D models doesn't update
    3D Editor
  • QTBUG-86323 Iterating over Properties of a Proxied Object does not
  • QTBUG-89513 Generating JIT code crashes QML app
  • QTBUG-83895 QML Loader forgets source parameters after "active" change
  • QTBUG-85103 Qml Shape as Button's background doesn't manage well
    transparent color
  • QTBUG-83408 Text disappears with ElideRight.
  • QTBUG-33608 Elide property of Text breaks component resizing
  • QTBUG-85106 Crash when restoring/apply PropertyChanges during a
    StateMachine state change in certain cases
  • QTBUG-89898 REG 5.15.0 - > 5.15.1 clip: true with rotation asserts
  • QTBUG-83108 Only clear the area that updates stencil buffer
  • QTBUG-87253 Quick Layout causes crash if child item
    Layout.preferredWidth bound to the Layouts width
  • QTBUG-86567 When destroying an item in a model that has an animation
    running as part of its delegate then it can cause a crash to occur
  • QTBUG-89738 QDoc: Formatting errors on Creating C++ Plugins for QML
  • QTBUG-90538 "required" existing property not reflects model data if
    CONFIG+=qtquickcompiler enabled
  • QTBUG-72757 iOS: Text input cursor moving incorrect with using
    magnifying glass
  • QTBUG-88682 Not able to trigger "Alt+Enter" shortcut
  • QTBUG-89203 qtdeclarative build error due to 'trunc' already defined
    when doing a static build on Windows
  • QTBUG-89955 Ambiguous string comparison in QML Plugin Dumper
  • QTBUG-90489 Segfault in QQuickWindowIncubationController when
    accessing QSGRenderLoop on Application shutdown
  • QTBUG-84458 QML Text doesn't reset lineCount when text is empty
  • QTBUG-79611 QAccessible::notifyAccessibilityUpdate not implemented on
  • QTBUG-87018 Touch/mouse-related test failures in qtquickcontrols2
  • QTBUG-87082 explain input event handling better in the docs
  • QTBUG-89889 tst_QDateTime::systemTimeZoneChange fails on 32bit systems
  • QTBUG-89659 Crash in with JITting enabled
  • QTBUG-90401 Heap-use-after-free in QAbstractAnimationJob
  • QTBUG-75042 [Accesssibility] Qt Quick Control 2 Dialog parts (title,
    body, footer) are read in wrong order
  • QTBUG-90676 tst_EcmaScriptTests::runJitted() Received a fatal error
  • QTBUG-85557 When doing a sort on a ListModel in a WorkerScript then
    after syncing the ListView does not show the updated model


  • QTBUG-90997 simple spell error in QMediaPlayer documentation
  • QTBUG-91154 qtmultimedia build fails without gstreamer


  • QTBUG-86192 QT5_CREATE_TRANSLATION doesn't set directory dependencies
  • QTBUG-81596 QDoc doesn't parse JSON files correctly
  • QTBUG-84224 qdoc: DocBook: Incomplete content generated for
  • QTBUG-86101 [REG] Wrong help page gets opened
  • QTBUG-88603 qdoc: Excess warnings about undocumented namespaces
  • QTBUG-89835 qdoc: Group links missing from the navigation bar
  • QTBUG-85572 Documentation errors in SwipeDelegate QML
  • QTBUG-90691 Qdoc generates an empty TOC for a \qmlbasictype page with
  • QTBUG-89980 Tools (Assistant, Designer, Linguist) copyright still 2020
  • QTBUG-90867 qdoc: Warning limit has no effect in single-exec mode
  • QTBUG-87058 qtpaths --types does not support all values provided by
  • QTBUG-88167 ../shared/numerus.cpp:165:5: error: ‘Bihari’ is not a
    member of ‘QLocale’
  • QTBUG-71354 Qt5LinguistTools CMake scripts don't declare BYPRODUCTS
  • QTBUG-62697 qhc files cannot be created in a reproducible way


  • QTBUG-81089 Translation in Italian


  • QTBUG-90640 examples-android.html links to invalid Creating a Mobile
    Application page
  • QTBUG-90921 Wrong destination link for Qt for DC in doc.qt.io
  • QTBUG-87959 The Wayland license should be GPL not LGPL


  • QTBUG-85260 QSG Render Thread crash
  • QTBUG-88017 qdeclarativepolylinemapitem has errors in it
  • QTBUG-90244 declarative_core::ReviewModel::test_reset fails on CI


  • QTBUG-77423 QRotationSensor reporting invalid values


  • QTBUG-82407 No error signal is emitted with latest Bluez version


  • QTBUG-87959 The Wayland license should be GPL not LGPL
  • QTBUG-87762 [Wayland] The usage of setFixedSize on a window is not
    properly scaled by QT_SCALE_FACTOR
  • QTBUG-88277 Do not try to eglMakeCurrent for unintended case
  • QTBUG-88064 Setting window size in Qml is not scaled correctly on
  • QTBUG-85608 Qt5.15, it created 2 more commandbuffer. but they were not
  • QTBUG-87597 Race conditions/improper texture handling in multi-screen
    wayland compositor
  • QTBUG-88782 Wayland compositor memory leak


  • QTBUG-88821 [REG: 5.15.1->5.15.2] Assimp plugin is only built for gcc
  • QTBUG-64110 Parameter prioritization doesn't match documentation


  • QTBUG-62239 FontDialog looks ugly
  • QTBUG-62240 FontDialog doesn't support RTL


  • QTBUG-89066 Setting CAN bus bitrate with socketcan returns error


  • QTBUG-90351 tst_QWinJumpList::testRecent fails with Windows 7


  • QTBUG-88663 Qt WebSocket by default loads all system certificates even
    SSL is not used
  • QTBUG-88923 Websocket reading error on reconnect


  • QTBUG-88110 QtWebEngineProcess.exe lacks file version resources on
  • QTBUG-87378 QttWebEngine doesnt block new view request when
    request.openIn is not called
  • QTBUG-88861 QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor ignores extra HTTP headers
    when redirecting
  • QTBUG-88938 QtPdf: local files can't be loaded with QQuickPdfDocument
    on Windows
  • QTBUG-89001 event.getModifierState("CapsLock") does not work
  • QTBUG-86389 QtWebengine's touch becomes unresponsive in Youtube
  • QTBUG-65223 [REG 5.9 -> 5.10] loadStarted is emitted twice when
    loading link with anchor
  • QTBUG-87089 Unreliable QWebEnginePage::loadFinished signal depending
    on page content
  • QTBUG-89740 [REG 5.15.1 -> 5.15.2] Visiting LinkedIn causes
    "Terminating renderer for bad IPC message"
  • QTBUG-81263 tst_QWebEnginePage::devTools fails with MSVC 2019
  • QTBUG-85731 Screen sharing does not work on Google Meet
  • QTBUG-90490 Crash on system with non-standard locale
  • QTBUG-90355 Wrong suggested filename with data: URLs
  • QTBUG-90347 Heap corruption in WebEngineLibraryInfo::isRemoteDrivePath
  • QTBUG-90517 [REG 5.15.2 -> 5.15.3] QWebEnginePage::loadFinished signal
    is not emitted if the page is loaded but the server sends 404 http
    status code
  • QTBUG-86286 [REG 5.10.0 -> 5.15.0]
    QWebEngine(Profile|Page)::set[Url]RequestInterceptor does not reliably
    replace existing interceptor
  • QTBUG-91178 [REG 5.15.2 -> 5.15.3] DevTools do not highlight elements
    when hovering
  • QTBUG-72368 Mac : QtWebEngine crashes in case the system volume
    formatting is 'case-sensitive'
  • QTBUG-88001 Testing giving QWidgets a second finger alone crashes Qt
  • QTBUG-87154 Add static dependencies from 3rdparty in qtbase
  • QTBUG-88976 Regression in pdf printing font subsetting in Qt Webengine
  • QTBUG-89627 tst_QWebEngineView::horizontalScrollbarTest fails with
  • QTBUG-86034 When showing the popup for a drop-down on a webpage it
    will not show correctly
  • QTBUG-89358 QtWebengine: Overlay positions miscalculated on rotated
  • QTBUG-89753 prefers-color-scheme does not seem to work
  • QTBUG-90035 PDF zoom is broken
  • QTBUG-57636 WebEngineView LoadStoppedStatus is not documented
  • QTBUG-91187 Segfault in


  • QTBUG-89638 When using multiple webviews via a QQuickWidget then it
    will show the first WebView fine but not the subseqent ones
  • QTBUG-90506 [REG 5.15.2 -> 5.15.3] qtwebview has .gitignore file in
    source archive


  • QTBUG-88184 property count of SplitView is not documented
  • QTBUG-87283 REG: Popup position changes after opening once
  • QTBUG-85770 SwipeDelegate resizes incorrectly while it is open
  • QTBUG-84426 Tumbler without wrap ignores initial currentIndex
  • QTBUG-75042 [Accesssibility] Qt Quick Control 2 Dialog parts (title,
    body, footer) are read in wrong order
  • QTBUG-89673 Destroying a modal Dialog with exit transition blocks all
    mouse input to other dialogs
  • QTBUG-61021 Autocomplete of editable ComboBox not working on Android


  • QTBUG-85909 QList::insert(): Index out of range


  • QTBUG-89018 The prediction of Pinyin input method is incorrect
  • QTBUG-85245 Candidate characters are mixed in uppercase and lowercase
    when using Pinyin in Simplified Chinese
  • QTBUG-85554 When the Qt Virtual Keyboard is rendered in Wayland
    compositor, QInputMethod::keyboardRectangle() doesn’t return correct


  • QTBUG-89521 When connecting to the relevant state changed signals for
    a StateMachine then when running via Valgrind there is an invalid read
    on exit


  • QTBUG-86241 Q22020 Flaky failing autotest function testProxy in


  • QTBUG-89479 TimelineAnimation type documentation is missing properties


  • QDS-3049 It is not possible to use a floating point value for the U
    and V scale properties in a Texture type, although they are float based
  • QTBUG-88768 View3D having node with Qt Quick texture as material
    crashes when loaded and unloaded with Loader
  • QTBUG-88769 Nodes with Qt Quick texture as material created and
    destroyed dynamically leads to crash
  • QTBUG-88771 Adding and removing items in model of Repeater3D having Qt
    Quick texture as material causes crash
  • QTBUG-88236 qtquick3d doesn't compile with no-gui flag
  • QTBUG-85168 Qt Quick3D skybox crash on android
  • QDS-3330 Crash when importing 3D studio project
  • QTBUG-78975 Importing .dae file with global scale only applies the
    scale to x-axis
  • QTBUG-86078 Parallel static build of Qt Quick 3D can fail (somehow
    because of qtwayland)
  • QTBUG-87952 Balsam does not generate all materials from FBX or gltf2
  • QTBUG-88775 Transparent areas of Qt Quick content of a texture in
    node's material are initially grey
  • QTBUG-83830 Switching from Offscreen to Underlay render mode causes a

Known Issues

Credits for the release goes to:

Aavitsland Eirik
Achtelik Mike
Agocs Laszlo
Aiguo Ma
Albamont Jim
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Boudjelthia Assam
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