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5.15.7: add release note
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+Release note
+Qt 5.15.7 release is a patch release made on the top of Qt 5.15.6. As a patch
+release, Qt 5.15.7 does not add any new functionality but provides bug fixes
+and other improvements.
+For detailed information about Qt, see the Qt 5.15 online documentation:
+Important Changes
+### qtbase
+* 41fabc9b27 Fix bug with NoFontMerging when font does not support
+Fixed an issue with NoFontMerging and changing font families
+dynamically, where boxes would be seen in place of the correct text.
+* 07815c61d2 OpenSSL: Let people opt-in to use TLS 1.3 PSK callback
+When using TLS 1.3 we suppress the first callback from OpenSSL about
+pre-shared keys, as it doesn't conform to the past behavior which
+preSharedKeyAuthenticationRequired provided. With this update you can
+opt-out of that workaround by setting the QT_USE_TLS_1_3_PSK environment
+* bc36ae33e8 Fix license information for libjpeg-turbo
+Clarified that libjpeg-turbo is actually covered by three licenses, not
+only IJG.
+* 9929873fdf SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.36.0
+Updated SQLite to v3.36.0
+* ea5edb67a9 Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.1
+libjpeg-turbo was updated to version 2.1.1
+* b7598fd7e9 Fix querying font aliases that share name with other fonts
+Fixed an issue where some font styles and weights would not be
+selectable. This was especially noticeable on Windows.
+* 4851da1509 Update PCRE2 to 10.38
+PCRE2 has been updated to version 10.38.
+* 4c1a95efa9 Revert "Support family names that end/start with space"
+Fixed an assert that happened when the system had a font with a
+trailing or leading space in its name.
+### qtdeclarative
+* 4757cac470 Fix distorted text with subpixel matrix translation
+Fixed an issue where text using NativeRendering would look slightly
+skewed if it was inside a parent that had been positioned at a subpixel
+### qtwayland
+* 36060ad8 Ignore viewporter buffer size when buffer is null
+Fixed an issue in the wp_viewporter extension, where it would emit a
+protocol error if the viewport was configured before attaching a buffer
+to the surface.
+* 3ff4cd60 Implement wp_viewporter support for video buffer formats
+Support for wp_viewporter extended to cover less common buffer formats.
+### qtimageformats
+* e8585ba Update bundled libwebp to version 1.2.1
+Update bundled libwebp to version 1.2.1
+### qtbase
+* QTBUG-30522 macOS: Closing application window while context menu is
+open leaves menu open
+* QTBUG-94826 Build Failure with LTTNG enabled
+* QTBUG-69975 Cocoa NSFullSizeContentViewWindowMask was wiped when
+toggling fullscreen
+* QTBUG-81770 Garbled character is displayed when switching Arabic to
+another language
+* QTBUG-94951 Qt 6.2 alpha assertion failed in qunicodetools.cpp
+* QTBUG-94091 Nested Graphicsview does not works as expected
+* QTBUG-87128 In the help pages: The QFileInfo::setFile() example is
+really the QDir::setCurrent() one
+* QTBUG-96101 QPMCache deleted from another thread
+* QTBUG-88989 Build errors on Android with latest gradle
+* QTBUG-92018 QLocale date toString uses standalone name where plain
+name should be used
+* QTBUG-86279 QLocale::system()'s standaloneDayName() and dayName() use
+the same back-end
+* QTBUG-52450 macOS: Closing a window that's in fullscreen removes the
+window, but doesn't exit fullscreen
+* QTBUG-81552 macOS: Wrong cursor shown when the mouse is moved slowly
+into window
+* QTBUG-96003 [Reg Qt5.9.9 -> Qt5.15] setCursor() does not work on
+QWidget inside QWidget
+* QTBUG-68069 Exiting fullscreen window leaves the application in
+fullscreen mode on macOS
+* QTBUG-96170 WASM: data URI scheme does not work
+* QTBUG-91059 Mac: Multiple modal dialogs block all input
+* QTBUG-96305 [REG 5.15.5 -> 5.15.6] xcode builds broken if OBJECTS_DIR
+* QTBUG-79016 Processing qm file name error when using config
+* QTBUG-95108 Reg[Qt 5.15.4->Qt5.15.5] Qt::MetaModifier and
+Qt::GroupSwitchModifier is always set
+* QTBUG-95289 GroupSwitchModifier always present in event.modifiers()
+* QTBUG-49771 Backspace key is not working when CapsLock is on
+* QTBUG-72872 Nested QtConcurrent::map cause deadlock
+* QTBUG-96208 macOS: Crash on application exit due to unloading library
+with objc class
+* QTBUG-87669 few gui tests fail to build on Android
+* QTBUG-95202 Auto-generated android-*-deployment-settings.json contains
+wrong path to immediate qrc file on Qt 6
+* QTBUG-95235 Building Quick Controls 2 examples with Qt 6.1.1 for
+Android fails
+* QTBUG-94835 Font Weight not properly reflected
+* QTBUG-42661 Wrong dialog activation
+* QTBUG-96600 Some QGuiApplication command line options have incorrect
+* QTBUG-95013 pt_BR translations not loaded
+* QTBUG-96926 QImage::convertToFormat(format, colorTable) doesn't
+preserve devicePixelRatio
+* QTBUG-96846 Many messages "QThread::wait: Thread tried to wait on
+itself" when Creator starts new threads
+* QTBUG-96621 Missing QHash include in qcocoawindow.h
+* QTBUG-91438 iOS enormous leak ends with "Terminated due to memory
+* QTBUG-95827 qmake CONFIG+=Debug leads to release builds
+* QTBUG-85574 No focus on window after showing and hiding a modal dialog
+* QTBUG-92958 Blinking scrollbar with QScrollArea and edge cases.
+* QTBUG-97179 Assertion failure inside of QNetworkAccessManager thread
+* QTBUG-93885 ASSERT failure in void __cdecl
+QtFontFamily::ensurePopulated(void) on system registed font
+* QTBUG-79140 [REG 5.13.0 -> 5.14.0]OTF fonts don't work correctly
+* QTBUG-86094 Generating large pdf files when using pen with zero width
+* QTBUG-96838 signing Android app bundles fails with 6.2.0-rc
+* QTBUG-95565 Qt Creator cannot build Qt 6 for iOS from the start
+* COIN-777 *** Could not find any device matching '--platform iOS
+* QTBUG-89296 No way to specify C standard for Visual Studio 2019 in
+qmake project
+* QTBUG-83081 QTextCodec::canEncode does not work for ICU conversions
+* QTBUG-95670 PSK doesn't work when both the client and server use TLS
+* QTBUG-95661 Test result counts are incorrect
+* QTBUG-94451 Switch Android target SDK to 30 for Qt 6.2
+* QTBUG-96345 tst_QSocks5SocketEngine::simpleConnectToIMAP() is flaky on
+* QTBUG-95249 OpenSSL TLS backend plugin missing in macOS installation
+from official binary
+* QTBUG-95042 QFrame Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground is broken with
+specific window flags and drawable child item
+* QTBUG-96057 Bluetooth crash when connectToPairedDevice on windows
+* QTBUG-70137 Dockwidgets - Placing QDockWidget is almost impossible
+* QTBUG-58013 Cursor position changes not properly passed to input
+* QTBUG-93414 Qt Quick application stuck in a cursor update loop
+* QTBUG-95669 Clicking enter on some text fields it might freeze UI
+* QTBUG-96671 Android: Keyboard sometimes stuck and replacing previous
+* QTBUG-96675 Android: Cursor is shown in wrong place
+* QTBUG-96769 Android: keyboard input can get lost
+### qtdeclarative
+* QTBUG-95825 Live preview not starting
+* QTBUG-95461 QQuickTextInput doesn't manage pre-edit text correctly
+* QTBUG-89409 Unable to scroll listview by dragging / swiping if header
+is used
+* QTBUG-95881 Single QSGRenderNode-based element in the scene with
+"clip" property enabled is not rendered
+* QTBUG-55204 Crash when items that use shaders are being used
+* QTBUG-96902 Import of JS module to QML does not work
+* QTBUG-86744 ListView.isCurrentItem not available until model is
+* QTBUG-96275 Crash while loading QML type data from disk cache
+* QTBUG-96112 Text tearing on text element when set inside parent
+element with noninteger y value
+* QTBUG-83626 When a Popup has an odd number for the width and/or height
+then texts inside it can be rendered badly
+* QTBUG-55638 garbled font after scrolling with mouse wheel
+* QTBUG-95788 Singletons with clearComponentCache don't fully work
+### qtmultimedia
+* QTBUG-93747 CMake configuration files unable to find QtMultimedia for
+### qttools
+* QTBUG-96220 qt6_create_translation() mishandles -extensions due to
+malformed regex
+* QTBUG-96369 qdoc: The obsolete members page for the QtMac namespace is
+not generated
+* QTBUG-96837 qdoc: warnings about generatelist incorrectly formatted
+* QTBUG-91082 [REG: 5.12->5.13] Assistant does not support custom
+filters anymore
+* QTBUG-90982 macdeployqt mistakenly detect my library as debug libs
+### qttranslations
+* QTBUG-95014 pt_BR translations load incorrect catalogs
+* QTBUG-95013 pt_BR translations not loaded
+### qtconnectivity
+* QTBUG-93991 Run example Heartrate monitor server on iOS and on Windows
+* QTBUG-95960 IOBluetoothDeviceInquiry never ends
+* QTBUG-95686 Multiple Bluetooth tests fail on macOS
+* QTBUG-80719 connectToDevice() hangs when trying to connect to faulty
+Bluetooth device
+* QTBUG-89149 QLowEnergyController::connectToDevice
+* QTBUG-97242 Windows: 100% CPU load when reading services and
+* QTBUG-96057 Bluetooth crash when connectToPairedDevice on windows
+* QTBUG-83633 Bluetooth Discovery device crash
+### qtwayland
+* QTBUG-95464 Qt wayland surface is empty when gst-launch client is
+playing video
+* QTBUG-87624 Wayland client crash when QDrag is used
+* QTBUG-95715 Incorrect texture handling in multi-screen wayland
+### qtwebengine
+* QTBUG-95770 Cannot open recently saved file
+* QTBUG-95269 Clicking on a link in the PDF viewer crashes with SIGSEGV
+* QTBUG-96928 QtWebEngine continuously allocates memory until it get
+* QTBUG-96911 qtwebengine build fails with harfbuzz-3.0.0
+* QTBUG-97414 tst_CertificateError::fatalError()
+'!page.error->isOverridable()' returned FALSE.
+* QTBUG-96214 QtWebEngineProcess crashes on glibc 2.34
+* Linux sandbox: fix fstatat() crash
+* Security fixes from Chromium up to version 94.0.4606.81, including:
+ - CVE-2021-30613: Use after free in Base internals
+ - CVE-2021-30616: Use after free in Media.
+ - CVE-2021-30618: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools
+ - CVE-2021-30625: Use after free in Selection API
+ - CVE-2021-30626: Out of bounds memory access in ANGLE
+ - CVE-2021-30627: Type Confusion in Blink layout
+ - CVE-2021-30628: Stack buffer overflow in ANGLE
+ - CVE-2021-30629: Use after free in Permissions
+ - CVE-2021-30630: Inappropriate implementation in Blink
+ - CVE-2021-30633: Use after free in Indexed DB API
+ - CVE-2021-37962: Use after free in Performance Manager
+ - CVE-2021-37967: Inappropriate implementation in Background Fetch API
+ - CVE-2021-37968: Inappropriate implementation in Background Fetch API
+ - CVE-2021-37971: Incorrect security UI in Web Browser UI.
+ - CVE-2021-37972: Out of bounds read in libjpeg-turbo
+ - CVE-2021-37973: Use after free in Portals
+ - CVE-2021-37975: Use after free in V8
+ - CVE-2021-37978: Heap buffer overflow in Blink
+ - CVE-2021-37979: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC
+ - CVE-2021-37980: Inappropriate implementation in Sandbox
+ - Security bug 1206289
+ - Security bug 1227228
+ - Security bug 1238178
+ - Security bug 1239116
+ - Security bug 1248665
+### qtquickcontrols2
+* QTBUG-93050 Memory leak in qiconhelper.cpp when loading icon by name
+* QTBUG-94251 tst_QQuickPopup fails with OpenSUSE 15.3
+### qtpurchasing
+* QTBUG-90839 Google Play billing api must be updated
+### qtcharts
+* QTBUG-94998 5.15.4 -> 5.15.5, some labels disappeared from axes
+* QTBUG-79218 When zooming out enough then the labels on the axes will
+end up showing drawing errors
+### qtdatavis3d
+* QTBUG-96206 Graph's orthoprojection property doesn't work like
+documentation says
+### qtvirtualkeyboard
+* QTBUG-95996 Segmentation fault on exit caused by virtual keyboard
+Known Issues
+The RTA (release test automation) reported issues in Qt 5.15.x:
+### qtwebengine
+ The CHROMIUM_VERSION file includes an incorrect version number 94.0.4606.61.
+ The correct Chromium patch level version number is 94.0.4606.81.
+Credits for the release goes to:
+Eirik Aavitsland
+Mike Achtelik
+Laszlo Agocs
+Alexander Akulich
+Dimitrios Apostolou
+Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt
+Joerg Bornemann
+Assam Boudjelthia
+Michael Brasser
+Oswald Buddenhagen
+Andreas Buhr
+Mitch Curtis
+Giuseppe D'Angelo
+David Faure
+Josep Ma. Ferrer
+Richard Moe Gustavsen
+Ulf Hermann
+Volker Hilsheimer
+Andreas Holzammer
+Lars Knoll
+Jarkko Koivikko
+Jani Korteniemi
+Kai Köhne
+Ievgenii Meshcheriakov
+Marc Mutz
+Yuya Nishihara
+Mårten Nordheim
+Timur Pocheptsov
+Joni Poikelin
+Aleix Pol
+Lorn Potter
+Liang Qi
+Topi Reinio
+Shawn Rutledge
+Craig Scott
+Luca Di Sera
+Dmitry Shachnev
+Andy Shaw
+Ivan Solovev
+Tarja Sundqvist
+Jan Arve Sæther
+Morten Johan Sørvig
+Tyson Tan
+Ivan Tkachenko
+Jens Trillmann
+Paul Olav Tvete
+Sami Varanka
+Doris Verria
+Tor Arne Vestbø
+Juha Vuolle
+Edward Welbourne