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Remove official support of BlackBerry on 5.5 in QtSensors
The relevant code base will be removed in Qt 5.6. This change prepares qtsensors repo for the removal of the "Qt for BlackBerry" link. Change-Id: I67229cc0778ed54723ae4c6bf9302a3d54d11034 Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniƶ <>
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The Qt Sensors API provides access to sensor hardware via QML and C++ interfaces.
The Qt Sensors API also provides a motion gesture recognition API for devices.
- Currently the API is supported on \l{Qt for Android}{Android}, \l{Qt for BlackBerry}{BlackBerry 10},
+ Currently the API is supported on \l{Qt for Android}{Android},
\l{Qt for iOS}{iOS}, \l{}{SailFish} and \l{Qt for WinRT}{WinRT}.
\section1 Information for Application Writers