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Remove the QtSensors 5.0 import
The gesture tests that were part of the sensors2 unit test have been retained. The tilt sensor tests were not, though they could be used as a base to make a unit test for the new tilt sensor class. Change any existing imports to use QtMobility.sensors 1.3. Change-Id: I8a7130b3c73980fdd577e96c10aecda15e79f8b2 Reviewed-by: Lorn Potter <>
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Reading the data can be done for each sensor type like following:
- \l {QtSensors5::TiltSensor} {TiltSensor}
+ \l {QtMobility.sensors1::TiltSensor} {TiltSensor}
\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/qmlqtsensors.qml 3
\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/qmlqtsensors.qml 4
- \l {QtSensors5::AmbientLightSensor} {AmbientLightSensor}
+ \l {QtMobility.sensors1::AmbientLightSensor} {AmbientLightSensor}
\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/qmlqtsensors.qml 5
- \l {QtSensors5::ProximitySensor} {ProximitySensor}
+ \l {QtMobility.sensors1::ProximitySensor} {ProximitySensor}
\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/qmlqtsensors.qml 6
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-** will be met:
- \qmlmodule QtSensors 5
- \title Qt Sensors QML API
- \brief The QML import for Qt Sensors
- \section1 Overview
- Mobile devices contains sensor hardware that allow detecting changes in various physical
- properties of the device itself or its immediate environment. Examples of device properties
- include the angle at which the device is held, whereas environmental properties include for
- example the current level of ambient light.
- These properties can be either actual values, such as the tilt angle in
- degrees, or approximations, like the enumeration describing brightness in
- relative terms using values such as AmbientLightSensor.Dark and AmbientLightSensor.Bright.
- The latter type of value is also based on a natural phenomenon (in the case
- of the ambient light sensor, the amount of visible light emitted by a source), but the value
- itself is descriptive instead of using any effective unit of measurement, such as lumen.
- The identifying string for this component is \e QtSensors.
- Use this in the QML import statement, as such: \e import QtSensors 5.0
- Qt Sensors QML API provides an easy to use interface to the Qt Sensors API.
- It enables the receiving of sensor events and reading current values from the
- sensors.
- The emulator supports simulating the Ambient Light, Orientation, Compass and Proximity sensors.
- The \l {Qt Sensors - QML example} contains code for using the the \l TiltSensor, \l AmbientLightSensor
- and ProximitySensor types.
- \section1 QML Types
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\section1 QML
- Compatibility for QML applications is provided by shipping the legacy \c QtMobility.sensors
- QML import. QML applications should not require any changes to continue operating.
- Applications using the legacy QML import may not be able to trivially port over
- to the new QML import because the new QML import does not provide types for
- every sensor like the legacy QML import does.
- \table
- \row
- \li \l {Qt Sensors QML API}{QML API}
- \li Information about the Qt Sensors QML API
- \row
- \li \l {QtMobility.sensors 1.x}{Legacy QML API}
- \li Information about the legacy QtMobility.sensors QML API
- \endtable
+ QtSensors ships with a QML import that is mostly compatible with the QtMobility.sensors import.
+ See \l {QtMobility.sensors 1.x} for more information.
\section1 C++
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- \li \l {Qt Sensors QML API}{QML API}
+ \li \l {QtMobility.sensors 1.x}{QML API}
\li Information about the Qt Sensors QML API
\li \l {Qt Sensors C++ API}{C++ API}