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+ \example sensorgestures
+ \title Qt Sensors - C++ Sensor Gestures Example
+ \ingroup qtsensors-examples
+ \brief The sensor gesture example demonstrates the steps for creating a C++ application
+ that uses sensor gestures and the included shake sensor.
+ \image sensorgesturecpp.png
+ QSensorGestures class defines one predefined signal, \c { void detected(const QString &) }
+ As well, Sensor Gesture Recognizers may implement any number of their own custom signals.
+ Our shake recognizer defines one custom signal, \c {void shake()}, as well as the predefined
+ detected signal.
+ \section1 SensorGestures Class Implementation
+ In order to know about custom signals that may be available, we need to ask the QSensorGestureManager about them,
+ Using the QSensorGesture::gestureIds() function, the manager will return a QStringList of known and valid gesture Ids.
+ \snippet sensorgestures/mainwindow.cpp 0
+ We can then use this to create a QSensorGesture object that we can use to connect signals to,
+ and start the detection process. A QSensorGesture object will take a list of one or more
+ recognizer ids in it's constructor.
+ \snippet sensorgestures/mainwindow.cpp 1
+ and later stop the detection process.
+ \snippet sensorgestures/mainwindow.cpp 2
+ The QSensorGesture object will contain all the signals of the valid requested recognizers found on the system.
+ You can discover which of the requested recognizer ID's that were not found by using QSensorGesture::invalidIds();
+ By using QSensorGesture::gestureSignals(), you can get a QStringList of usable signals.