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Make it obvious what platforms are supported by QtSensors.
Also, this brings the front page layout somewhat further in line with qtlocation & qtconnectivity API docs. Change-Id: I5e54ae388892dcb2a806c4775828abcdc81eb79d Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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The Qt Sensors API provides access to sensor hardware via QML and C++ interfaces.
The Qt Sensors API also provides a motion gesture recognition API for devices.
+ Currently the API is supported on \l{Qt for Android}{Android}, \l{Qt for BlackBerry}{BlackBerry 10},
+ \l{Qt for iOS}{iOS}, \l{}{SailFish} and \l{Qt for WinRT}{WinRT}.
\section1 Information for Application Writers
Applications can access Qt Sensors using QML or C++.