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Define the sensor coordinate system unambiguously
All illustrations in the documentation show devices with phone form factors, i.e. portrait orientation. Some tablets have a native landscape orientation. It is not clear from the documentation if the sensor coordinate system should be relative to the portrait orientation or the native orientation. This change defines the native orientation as the canonical orientation. Task-number: QTBUG-32144 Change-Id: I870cb3c9b5aec04f2ed8394a4407b53b888e82c3 Reviewed-by: Thomas McGuire <>
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\image sensors-coordinates3.jpg
-In general, sensor data is oriented to the top of the device. If values are to be displayed on
+In general, sensor data is oriented relative to \l QPlatformScreen::nativeOrientation, i.e
+to the top of the device when the device is held in its natural orientation (normally
+when the device logo appears the right side up). If values are to be displayed on
the screen the values may need to be transformed so that they match the user interface orientation. A sensor
may define its data as being oriented to the UI. This will be noted in the documentation for the