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Remove REVISION 1 from alwaysOn property.
This is a leftover from QtMobility and has been available since Qt 5.0. Change-Id: I68300b402aa04f2ca9e9b609cc859327c26e1a8f Reviewed-by: Bernd Weimer <> Reviewed-by: Lorn Potter <>
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diff --git a/src/sensors/qsensor.h b/src/sensors/qsensor.h
index 2314fb94..2b602488 100644
--- a/src/sensors/qsensor.h
+++ b/src/sensors/qsensor.h
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ class Q_SENSORS_EXPORT QSensor : public QObject
Q_PROPERTY(int outputRange READ outputRange WRITE setOutputRange)
Q_PROPERTY(QString description READ description)
Q_PROPERTY(int error READ error NOTIFY sensorError)
- Q_PROPERTY(bool alwaysOn READ isAlwaysOn WRITE setAlwaysOn NOTIFY alwaysOnChanged REVISION 1)
+ Q_PROPERTY(bool alwaysOn READ isAlwaysOn WRITE setAlwaysOn NOTIFY alwaysOnChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool skipDuplicates READ skipDuplicates WRITE setSkipDuplicates NOTIFY skipDuplicatesChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(AxesOrientationMode axesOrientationMode READ axesOrientationMode WRITE setAxesOrientationMode NOTIFY axesOrientationModeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(int currentOrientation READ currentOrientation NOTIFY currentOrientationChanged)