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+ \example cubehouse
+ \title Qt Sensors - Cube House QML Accelerometer example
+ \ingroup qtsensors-examples
+ \brief The Cube House example demonstrates the use of the accelerometer to drive a camera to create a pseudo-3D effect.
+ \image cubehouse.png
+\section1 Overview
+ To write a QML application that will use the QML Accelerometer type from the QtSensors import you need to to the following steps:
+ Import the QtSensors declarative plugin:
+\snippet cubehouse/cubehouse.qml 0
+ Add the Accelerometer QML types into your qml file.
+\snippet cubehouse/cubehouse.qml 1
+ In additional two properties are added to save the calculated pitch and roll values:
+\snippet cubehouse/cubehouse.qml 2
+ Reading out the Accelerometer data can be done by implementing the 'onReadingChanged' slot and
+ accessing the 'reading' property from the Accelerometer type:
+\snippet cubehouse/cubehouse.qml 3
+ By using a timer the view can be rotated using the pitch and roll properties from the Accelerometer type:
+\snippet cubehouse/cubehouse.qml 4