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Revert "Refactor the Windows port enumeration from GUID classes to devinterfaces"
This reverts commit 3bfe998860e0bfd3ce48784188eaa0d58bf86da1. Patch with enumerating of devices through interfaces GUID's enters many regressions, breaks universality and complicates realization. For example, it breaks enumeration of CDC ACM devices. Moreover, some devices (like Nokia phones) has incorrect registration in Windows registry so workaround will greatly complicates code. Decision with use of GUID's interfaces was worse than the previous with use of setup GUID's. Thus, was made the decision to roll away changes on really working decision with Setup Class GUID's. Now tested for devices: * built-in serial port * USB/Serial converter on PL2303 chip * USB/Serial converter on FTDI chip * USB/Bluetooth dongle with standard MS bluetooth stack * USB/CDMA Modem ZTE MF180 * Com0com virtual serial ports * Eltima virtual serial ports * Telit virtual serial ports * CDC ACM serial port on Motorola E398 phone * CDC ACM (and modem) serial port on Nokia E95 phone on Windows XP/7/8. Task-number: QTPLAYGROUND-27 Change-Id: Icc893e9e54e51dbf78da2d132dab6db986d94e03 Reviewed-by: Laszlo Papp <>
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