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Doc: Document 'depends' qdocconf variable in QDoc Manualv5.15.0-beta4
Also remove references to qt.qdocconf which was specific to Qt 4, fix documentation for the related variables ('indexes' and 'project'), and link to them from the table of contents. Fixes: QTBUG-37806 Change-Id: I1a5884f505c0ff2d2f4e2072cccb0c77f9ed04ff Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <>
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The \l {Format-specific Configuration Variables} article outlines the usage
of each variable.
- \section2 Qt Index Reference
+ \section2 QDoc Index Files
- Documentation projects can link to Qt APIs and other articles by specifying
- the path to the \c qt.index file. When qdoc generates the Qt Reference
- Documentation, it will also generate an index file, containing the URLs to
- the articles. Other projects can use the links in the index file so that
- they can link to other articles and API documentation within Qt.
+ Documentation projects can link to targets in other projects by specifying
+ a set of dependencies, or a set of direct paths to to index file(s) this
+ project depends on. When QDoc generates documentation for a project,
+ it will also generate an \c .index file containing URLs to each linkable
+ entity in the project. Other projects can then define a dependency to the
+ index file in order to link to the documentation within that project.
- \badcode
- indexes = $QT_INSTALL_DOCS/html/qt.index $OTHER_PROJECT/html/qt.index
- \endcode
- It is possible to specify multiple index files from several projects.
+ \b {See also}: \l {depends-variable}{depends} and
+ \l {indexes-variable}{indexes}.
\section1 Macros and Other Configurations
@@ -230,6 +229,8 @@
HTML file, which will appear as the Greek \pi symbol when viewed in
+ \b {See also:} \l {macro-variable}{macro}.
\section2 QML Additions
QDoc is able to parse QML files for QDoc comments. QDoc will parse files
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\li \l {Cpp.ignoredirectives-variable} {Cpp.ignoredirectives}
\li \l {Cpp.ignoretokens-variable} {Cpp.ignoretokens}
\li \l {defines-variable} {defines}
+ \li \l {depends-variable} {depends}
\li \l {edition-variable} {edition}
\li \l {exampledirs-variable} {exampledirs}
\li \l {examples-variable} {examples}
@@ -109,6 +110,7 @@
\li \l {imagedirs-variable} {imagedirs}
\li \l {images-variable} {images}
\li \l {images.fileextensions-variable} {images.fileextensions}
+ \li \l {indexes-variable} {indexes}
\li \l {language-variable} {language}
\li \l {locationinfo-variable} {locationinfo}
\li \l {macro-variable} {macro}
@@ -118,6 +120,7 @@
\li \l {outputformats-variable} {outputformats}
\li \l {outputprefixes-variable} {outputprefixes}
\li \l {outputsuffixes-variable} {outputsuffixes}
+ \li \l {project-variable} {project}
\li \l {sourcedirs-variable} {sourcedirs}
\li \l {sources-variable} {sources}
\li \l {sources.fileextensions-variable} {sources.fileextensions}
@@ -250,6 +253,58 @@
See also \l {falsehoods-variable} {falsehoods} and \l {if-command} {\\if}.
+ \target depends-variable
+ \section1 depends
+ The \c depends variable defines a list of other documentation projects
+ that this project depends on for resolving link targets for type
+ inheritance and anything else the documentation needs to link to.
+ Like Qt itself, documentation for Qt is distributed across multiple
+ modules. In a multi-module documentation project, the minimum set
+ of dependencies for a single module consists of actual build
+ dependencies. In addition, if there is a documentation project
+ (module) that acts as a top-level entry point for the entire
+ documentation set and provides \l {navigation-variable}[navigation}
+ links, each module documentation should include it as a dependency.
+ When QDoc generates documentation for a project, it will also generate
+ an \c .index file containing URLs to each linkable entity in the project.
+ Each dependency is a (lowercase) name of a project. This name must
+ match with the base name of the index file generated for that
+ project.
+ \badcode
+ depends = \
+ qtdoc \
+ qtcore \
+ qtquick
+ \endcode
+ When invoking QDoc on a project that has dependencies and uses the
+ \c depends variable, one or more \c -indexdir path(s) must be passed
+ as command line option(s). QDoc uses these paths to search for
+ the dependencies' index files.
+ \badcode
+ qdoc mydoc.qdocconf -outputdir $PWD/html -indexdir $QT_INSTALL_DOCS
+ \endcode
+ With above, QDoc will search for a file
+ \c {$T_INSTALL_DOCS/qtdoc/qtdoc.index} for a dependency to \c qtdoc.
+ If an index file for a dependency is not found, QDoc will output a
+ warning.
+ The \c depends command accepts also a special value of '*'. This
+ instructs QDoc to load all index files found in specified index
+ directories; that is, "depends on everything".
+ \badcode
+ depends = *
+ \endcode
+ See also \l indexes, \l project, and \l url.
\target edition-variable
\section1 edition
@@ -1729,24 +1784,30 @@
\target indexes-variable
\section1 indexes
- The \c indexes variable lists the index files that will be used to
- generate references.
- For example. to make a derived Qt project contain links to the Qt
- Reference documentation, you need to specify the associated index
- file:
+ The \l {indexes-variable}[indexes} variable defines a set of paths
+ to index files to load.
- indexes = $QTDIR/doc/html/qt.index
+ indexes = \
+ $QT_INSTALL_DOCS/qtcore/qtcore.index \
+ $SOME_OTHER_PROJECT/doc/foo.index
- See also \l project and \l url.
+ The \c indexes variable provides an alternative to \l depends for
+ defining project's dependencies. As direct paths are provided, no
+ \c -indexdir command line option(s) are required when invoking QDoc.
+ It is possible to define dependencies using either variable. Qt
+ documentation only uses the \c depends variable.
+ See also \l depends, \l project and \l url.
\target project-variable
\section1 project
The \c project variable provides a name for the project associated
- with the \c .qdocconf file.
+ with the \c .qdocconf file. This is a mandatory variable that all
+ projects must set.
The project's name is used to form a file name for the associated
project's \e index file.
@@ -1758,12 +1819,16 @@
This will cause an index file called \c qtcreator.index to be
- See also \l description and \l indexes.
+ If the project name contains whitespace or special characters,
+ these are replaced with dashes ('-') in the generated index file
+ name.
+ See also \l depends, \l indexes, and \l description.
\target url-variable
\section1 url
- The \c url variable holds the base URL for the reference
+ The \c url variable holds the base URL for the
documentation associated with the current project.
The URL is stored in the generated index file for the
@@ -1772,18 +1837,18 @@
other things listed in the index.
- project = Qt
- description = Qt Reference Documentation
+ project = QtCore
+ description = Qt Core Reference Documentation
url =
- ...
+ ...
- This makes sure that whenever \c qt.index is used to generate
- references to for example Qt classes, the base URL is \c
+ This ensures that whenever QDoc generates
+ references to entities in the Qt Core module, the base URL is
+ \c
- See also \l indexes and \l {url.examples}.
+ See also \l depends, \l indexes and \l {url.examples}.
\target url.examples-variable
\section1 url.examples
@@ -1843,23 +1908,24 @@
This feature makes use of the comprehensive indexes generated by
QDoc when it creates the Qt reference documentation.
- For example, \l qtgui.qdocconf (the configuration file for Qt)
+ For example, \l qtgui.qdocconf (the configuration file for Qt GUI)
contains the following variable definitions:
- project = Qt
- description = Qt Reference Documentation
+ project = QtGui
+ description = Qt GUI Reference Documentation
url =
The \l project variable name is used to form a file name for the
- index file; in this case the \c qt.index file is created. The \l
+ index file; in this case the \c qtgui.index file is created. The \l
url is stored in the index file. Afterwards, QDoc will use this
as the base URL when constructing links to classes, functions,
and other things listed in the index.
+ See also \l depends, \l indexes, \l project, and \l url.