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masterAdd Loader to handle absent Alexa SDK libsEgor Nemtsev7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-09-04Add Loader to handle absent Alexa SDK libsHEADmasterEgor Nemtsev3-140/+207
2019-08-22Add SystemUI window to interact when app running in the backgroundEgor Nemtsev1-0/+81
2019-08-22Add optional audio level processingEgor Nemtsev4-9/+275
2019-08-21Make AlexaInterface object a singleton for qmlEgor Nemtsev6-34/+38
2019-08-20Add microphone activity visualizationEgor Nemtsev1-1/+8
2019-08-14Add QSettings property for changing capture deviceEgor Nemtsev4-45/+92
2019-08-14Add vehicle control skill interactionEgor Nemtsev8-68/+249
2019-08-13Initial Alexa app source files from qt-auto-alexa-appEgor Nemtsev73-0/+7026
2019-05-08Initial empty repositoryFrederik Gladhorn0-0/+0